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Competition winners and losers !
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss learn about competition through a guided discovery based on a reading text about the same topic. The lesson starts with a video to get Ss attention, then a discussion about things they won in their life.This is followed by a gist reading when Ss discover the main idea and the characters of the text. Ss will be grouped and do Jecsaw reading. Ss then read again for details and answer questions. Once the reading task is completed, Ss do a pair-work-based activity focusing on the adjectives. Finally, there is a speaking activity to use the words they learnt.


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Main Aims

  • To provide Jecsaw and detailed reading practice using a text about adjectives in the context of competition

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice and vocabulary use


Lead-In (5-7 minutes) • To engage students and activate their schemata.

Play a video about food competition. elicit ( competition), ( winner), (loser), (prize) form Ss. Choral drilling.

Pre-reading (6-8 minutes) • To draw Ss attention to the topic

Put Ss in pairs and give them ex(1) to discuss. Check answers as WC. Ask them to look at the title and pictures and predict what the text is about. Check predictions as WC. Ask CCQs. Is the text about food competition? No, but it talks about competitions in general. Is the man happy? yes. Is he a winner or a loser? He is a winner. Did the women have a good experience? No.

While-Reading (13-16 minutes) • To develop reading comprehension skills

Put Ss in two groups. (A) and (B). Give (A) paragraph (1) (Jim). Give (B) paragraph(2) (Sandra). Give them time to read. Give them ex(3) to answer as a group. Put students in pairs and ask (A) to ask (B) about Sandra. and (B) will ask (A) the same questions about Jim. Check answers as a WC. Give Ss now the whole text and ask them to read longer and underline the adjectives they find. Put Ss in pairs and ask them to fill a list about opposites they find while reading. Check answers as WC.

Post-Reading (6-8 minutes) • To provide opportunity for Ss to talk and give practice in fluency.

Give Ss different cards with different adjectives. Tell a sentence to show them how to use these adjectives. ( I think Mado is very expensive.) ( I don't think so, i think its cheap) or ( yes, it is expensive). Give Ss one minute to think of a place in their country and use the adjective to describe it. Ask Ss to mingle and talk about these places.

Feedback (4-6 minutes) • To check Ss understanding of the vocabulary

Put Ss into Two groups. Write the word competition on the WB. and draw two charts. give Ss cards with the adjectives. Ask them to come to the board and stick the opposites. The fastest is the winner.

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