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TP7 LP_Jeffrey McDonald
Intermediate level


Main Aims

  • To introduce and provide Ss with practice of writing a short leaflet to promote their country.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss with opportunity to review function skills with examples of persuasion to visit a different country.
  • To provide Ss opportunity to practice reading for gist in the context of a short leaflet-like piece of writing.


Lead-in (3 minutes) • To introduce and generate interest in the topic.

-Share screen w/ JB TP7.a ( -Individually ask students, "Tell me a reason why a tourist would want to visit your county??" -3 minutes: how much time? TIME 3 MINUTES

Gist Task/Model (4 minutes) • To lead the Ss into the general theme of the text; to provide a model of the text type.

-Ss read the text quickly for gist, only 3 minutes -Share GoogleForms: formal or in formal? STOP 6 MINUTES

Language Focus (6 minutes) • To focus on the text structure; to introduce and highlight useful language for the task.

In pairs discuss the following: -What is the purpose of the text? -How many reasons are listed to visit Medellín? -Based on the text, in your own words explain why someone should visit Medellín. -Do you think the the writing formal, Informal, or neutral?

Preparation/Planning (2 minutes) • To give Ss thinking and note taking time to organize ideas for the subsequesnt task.

-Your task will be to write about why tourists should visit your country. -Take 2 minutes to take notes or outline this task. REMINDER: No country is better or worse than another)

Writing Task (12 minutes) • To provide an authentic written practice using correct text type structure and target language presented.

Your task: -Write a leaflet (like the one for Medellín) promoting your country and including reasons why tourists should visit your country. -For organization, you may use subheadings like you'd like. -The reasons and description of your country are more important than the word-count, but you should write at least 50 words describing why a tourist should visit your country. -You have 12 minutes to complete this task.

Publishing (8 minutes) • To provide practice skimming & reading for details; to promote interest in what other Ss have written.

-Ss will discuss in pairs in breakout-rooms they text they have written about their countries -This will last for 3 minutes -SS will the discuss in new pairs in breakout-rooms the text they have written about thier countries -This will last for 4 minutes

Feedback and Error Correction (7 minutes) • To share a student's work with the whole class; to highlight errors and any good language that Ss have used and promote peer correction.

-Ask for 1 Ss volunteer to share their text to class for OCFB -With remaining time give DEC

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