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TP 3 Serkan Bıçakcı
Upper-Intermediate level


The examples for the grammar in this lesson come from the reading and listening in the previous lesson. It focuses on questions. These are not new for the Ss, but they have the opportunity to look at different types of questions together.


Main Aims

  • Grammar

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking


Lead-In Stage (5-8 minutes) • to engage students to the grammar topic

Ask Ss if their general knowledge is good or not. Write on WB one the words below or few of them. "Einstein, Spiders, Graham Bell, Yuri Gagarin, Captain James Cook, Laika". Tell Ss that these are the answers of some questions that were asked in a contest on a television quiz show. Put Ss in groups of three. The answers have already been given so Ss will try to find the questions. (ıf you write all of them )Ask Ss to guess at least three of the questions but to be able to guess the questions they will probably need to know a few things about the answers. Take WC FB.

Grammar (10-12 minutes) • To present or review TL; Info questions

Tell Ss that they are going to get some questions that they had in the reading and listening part and also in the quiz part. Put Ss in pairs or groups and ask them to match the definitions and the questions. Ask Ss to discuss the reason why they put the definitions near the questions.

Practice (7-9 minutes) • to check Ss understanding and prepare them for the next stage

Put Ss in pairs and tell them to do the questions on page 137 in pairs. When the time is over, put Ss in groups of 4 and give answer keys. They check the answers and discuss it. Take WC FB.

Practice and Speaking (13-16 minutes) • to get Ss to practise and get fluency in speaking

Put students into two groups; A and B. Give A the questions on Students' book p.126 and give B the questions on p133. Tell them that they have some answers but they need to make some questions using the answers they have. They need to make questions by thinking about the words or the phrases typed in bold. The begining of questions are also written there. Give every group the answerkey for their questions and put Ss in pairs 1A and 1B according to the colour of their paper and tell them that they are going to ask the questions to each other and will check if they can get the correct answer.Monitor Ss and check if they use the TL appropriately, take notes of the mistakes. Write the mistakes on board and elicit the correct answers.

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