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Main Aims

  • To Clarify and elicit the usage of just, already and yet for grammar within the context of Present perfect tense

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide listening for specific details


Lead-in/Warm up (4-5 minutes) • to set the context and arouse students interest

- Previous T has already set the context of grammar, and I have the second lesson. I will follow her lead-in. -T," So how are your holidays?" (Great?) “I have fun on my holidays. I go with my family. I go and see a lot of places, try new food and do shopping. I have a lot of fun and I relax and sleep a lot." “Now, talk to your partner and discuss how they feel on a holiday? You have 2 minutes." - ICQs, “who will you talk to?"(partner) “How much time?" (2 min) -SS will discuss how they feel on a holiday. - T will ask any one SS for FB.

listening task (10-12 minutes) • To practice litening to introduce the just, already and yet

- T will put Nigel's picture on the WB with OHP. " This is Nigel and he's on a holiday. Listen and check, ' Does he have a good time?'" - T will write on the WB, “Does Nigel have a good time?" - ICQs: "will we listen or read?" (listen) “Who will we listen to?" (Nigel) - SS will listen and then think Does Nigel have a good time? -WCFB,T will ask three SS for feedback. “What do you think?"

Highlighting target language (4-5 minutes) • To highlight the target language

1. T chests the HO to SS with Q3c. 2. WCFB 3. T will tell the SS, " Now underline the sentences with just, yet and already in dialogues." 4. T will highlight it on OHP and SS will do it on CB.

Clarifying Traget Language (12-15 minutes) • to clarifyy meaning, form and pronunciation of the traget language.

1. T will use two marker sentences. A " Have you done your homework yet?" B " My sister has just started a new job" C " No, I've already seen it three times.' 2. T will elicit the (+), (-) and (wh) questions from the marker sentences. then form of sentences elicited from the SS and write it on CB. T will ask CCQ's. 3. "is it about a specific time in the past?"...SS respond " Do they specify time? sometimes between the past and now." " does it mean that you are going to finish now.' SS will respond. " so its....t will elicit present perfect from the SS. SS respond. 4. T will draw timeline to check understanding. 5. T will pronounce and drill the marker sentences with stress and intonation. 6. T will chest the HO with Q4 for practice.

language practice (7-8 minutes) • to provide written practice of using just, yet and already in present perfect tense

1.T will divide the class into three groups. one will make positive sentences. one will make negative sentences and then mingle and share their answers. 2, SS will do Q3f. In GW. then WCFB 3. ICQ, T will ask, ' will group A make positive sentences using present perfect.'

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