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Technology and You
Beginners level


In this lesson, students are going to learn, practice and drill new vocabulary related to technology along with some words needed for functional language in the same topic area.


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Main Aims

  • Practice new vocabulary of technology with relation to possession, simple present yes/no questions

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocab and speaking


warmer (2-3 minutes) • familiarize students with the vocabulary to be discussed in this lesson

I show students my mobile phone and ask them about it, : "what's this?" then I ask them. Do you have a mobile phone? I direct them to do the same with their partner

Lead in (3-4 minutes) • Direct students' attention to the topic

I direct students attention to different items around the school to show them the real objects for the vocabulary before the showing them the pictures. At this stage, students listen and repeat

Vocabulary of technology (6-8 minutes) • drill the new vocab

I show them the pictures for the items they have just seen in real life. They drill chorally. Then I ask them to make a circle. I show them a picture, I say the item out loud and pass the picture to the one next to me. They do the same. students do ex 1, p44

functional language (12-15 minutes) • sts will get practice in functional language in a context

I refer back to the pictures of email and i write my email. they drill it.. I break down the information @ . com they listen and repeat... THen they write their own example and check with their partners.. then they do a running dictation activity for that

speaking practice (12-15 minutes) • speaking activity

I draw a picture of a house to get the idea of home and explain using ITI the idea of work and school I show them the pictures again and they have to answer about things they have at home and things they have at school or work. I give them the survey and they have to complete it in pairs

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