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TP 1b on Jobs & personal Info
Beginner (A1) level


In this session, students are introduced to different jobs and they learn more about sharing personal information. Furthermore the students will listen to audio conversations and will learn to extract the gist and specific information in the context of jobs and and personal information.


Abc HO p.16, Face2Face Students Book, Cambridge
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Abc Audio CD Beginner, CD1, Track 36
Abc Audio CD Beginner, CD1, Track 35
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Abc Paper pictures
Abc Audio CD Beginner, CD1, Track 34
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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using short audio introductions about different people in the context of jobs and personal information.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide introduction and practice of vocabulary in the job market and grammar of Wh-questions in the context of personal information.


Warmer/Lead-in (5 minutes) • To revise learned vocabulary (Nationalities) and some grammar (vowels) from the previous lesson.

T will put paper flags on the board. The Ss work in pairs and T will elicit the answers from the Ss, but will write the countries incorrectly on the board. The Ss need to help the teacher to spell the countries correctly (to revise the alphabet, especially vowels).

Pre-teach vocabulary (5 minutes) • To pre-teach key vocabulary needed for the Ss to understand the topic and to do the next tasks.

T will show pictures of nine different jobs to introduce them to the WC. Elicit some ideas of the Ss what the jobs could be in TL, give them the rest of the answers.

Pronounciation-Listening & practise (4 minutes) • To introduce the correct pronounciation of the jobs & practise

T will play a pronounciation listening (Beginners audio CD 1, Ex. 34) to show the Ss the correct of stressing the words. T writes the words with the stress on the blackboard. After the listening, the Ss repeat aloud after T in WC.

Grammar - practise Wh-Questions (7 minutes) • to practise already learned Wh-Questions

T quickly revises the Wh-Questions "What's your job"? Tp practise that, Ss work in new groups of three. (T will instruct a line game to reorder the Ss). The Ss will get a picture each, spread in the room in their new groups and ask each other in a first stage "What's your job?" In a second stage, they will move around, meet each other and keep asking each other what job they have (T monitors the usage of TL).

Pre-Listening (4 minutes) • Make sure the Ss understand four key words that will appear on the audio file

T will illustrate and let the Ss elicit the four words beautiful, married, single and friend with four pictures, with own gestures and realia (any person in the room) to make sure the Ss understand the words clearly.

Pre-Listening #2 (2 minutes) • To help the Ss understand who will be talked about

T introduces four people that appear on the next audio file with big pictures on the board (CD 1, Track 35) to make the Ss familiar with the characters.

Gist Listening (3 minutes) • To provide the Ss with a less challenging gist listening

T distributes sheets. T refers to the introduced characters from before and tells Ss to match (gesture) the names with the numbered pictures on the board and fill the numbers into the sheet they receive. Pairs give the answer in WC.

Detailed Listening (5 minutes) • to provide Ss with more challenging detailed listening

T rearranges the seating of WC by letting the Ss move by two seats to the right. Ss go together in new pairs. T instructs the Ss what to focus on in the listening (match name with the right picture on the board, countries, jobs). T plays the audio file (35). Ss in pairs will fill in the corresponding info on their sheets. Monitor and check if the Ss need to hear the audio again. T draws a table on the board, elicits the answers from Ss.

Grammar - introduce "to be" for Wh-Questions in the context of personal info (3 minutes) • to provide the Ss with practise in Wh-Questions of the verb "to be"

T writes some examples of Wh-Questions of ex. 3 on the sheet to the board (with gaps). Ss need to correct and substitute in WC. Practise in WC until the Ss feel confident.

Grammar Listening (4 minutes) • to provide the Ss with listening practice and exercises of Wh-Questions

After the Ss feel confident with Wh-Questions, T plays the audio file (36). In PW the Ss listen and fill in the answers. Check the answers "pair wise" in WC.

Post-Listening (4 minutes) • to provide Ss with a possibility to respond to the previous listening in their personal context

In pairs, Ss take their mobile phones out and show two-three photos of friends to their work partners (if someone has no phone, T or possibly CELTA-Pp provide their phones in a group of three) and ask them the Wh-Questions they just practised and heard in the listening before.

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