Pelin Pelin

Teaching Practice 1
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will focus on the differences between Past Simple and Past Continuous.


Abc Listening Activity Worksheet, Grammar Activity Worksheet, Truth or Dare Game Handout

Main Aims

  • To practice the differences between simple past tense and past continuous tense.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review the lesson done before on present perfect tense with a listening activity.
  • To remember the usages of past continous and simple past tenses.
  • To use both tenses in one sentence while talking.


Warm Up (5-10 minutes) • To make the Ss remember the things that they have learned a lesson before.

T asks Ss some questions like : Have you ever seen an elephant that can jump? - Have you ever been to Mars? Have you ever met with a person who has four arms? T shows the SS the worksheets that she is going to deliver in a second and explains that they are going to listen an interview about past experiences and they are going to match the people and the past activities. T hands out the worksheets. T tells the SS that first they are going to listen an example and then they will to the other examples. Then they will check the answers with the T. And then they will look at the 2nd activity and with groups of two or three they will ask eachother the same questions.

Mime Game (5-10 minutes) • With this activity SS will refresh their learning about bout tenses (simple past and past continuous)

T will ask Ss to count to five and then shout STOP while the SS are counting T will mime first: Drinking water and when they say STOP T will say :When you said stop I was drinking water and write it on the board. T asks SS to do the same thing twice while the T is acting out like she is combing her hair and talking on the phone. T will asks Sts to make the sentences like : When we said Stop you were combing your hair. When we said Stop you were talking on the phone and T will write the sentences on the board. After writing the sentences T will describe the differences between the tenses. Ss one by one will be taken outside and T will give actions to the SS and this time the Student will be acting out and they will make a sentence with each action orally.

Grammar Review (5-10 minutes) • With the clear definition of the tenses and the activities the topic will be more easy to understand.

T shows the worksheet that the Ss will be given in a short while. She wants the SS to work in pairs and find out the rule of the tenses that they have been using. T asks Ss in pairs to complete the sentences with simple past and past continuous. T asks Ss to write if any of the sentences are true for them or not and asks some of the SS.

Truth or Dare Game (10-15 minutes) • With this activity SS will have the chance to use the grammar points that they have learned so far (Past continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple) and have fun.

T first divides the class in to two and than out of this division T wants them to be devided because they will be playing the game as different groups. T explains the game; they will be given a worksheet and a dice on the paper the will see START and each group will put a rubber for their team on the starting point. They will roll the dice and according to the number they will move their rubbers if they come to the point where it says DARE they will be given an action and if they come to TRUTH they will be asked a question if they response to the question and do the action they will be able to move otherwise they will go back to the point where they were. If the point they come is empty they will wait for their turn again. T will write DARE on the board and wite some examples like: Sing a song in English. Make an animal sound. Show us what you have in your pocket. T will write TRUTH on the board and write some examples: When did you last sing a song when you were taking a bath? Have you ever eaten a frog? Have you ever dreamed of having a huge castle? T gives 3-4 min for the groups to write down their DARE and TRUTH activities and questions. T hands out the worksheets and the dice and helps the SS start the game and during the games she walks around and helps the SS.

Extra Activity - Act out game (5 minutes) • This game will cover the things that they have been learning.

T divides the class in to two groups. One group will turn their backs to the Wall or the WB and the other team will be doing an action like playing football. When T says 'FREEZE' the team doing the action will freeze and the team that is facing the Wall will turn to their friends and try to find out what they have been doing and they should make a full sentence in order to get a point.

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