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2b Lives and Legends
Intermediate level


Topic: Lives and Legends In the second teaching lesson students will cover their skills in terms of speaking and listening. As a pre reading task they will learn some key words related to required vocabulary for the lesson in order to assist them to be able to read and listen to the provided text successfully and provide their answers for class discussion to practice their speaking skills.


Abc Global Coursebook

Main Aims

  • By the end of this lesson, the main aims that I hope to achieve are with Speaking and Listening. This will involve students focusing on their skills in speaking and listening in terms of reading and listening to a text, with the focus being on children’s fairytales, specifically Hansel and Gretel and some pre reading on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood for practice before their tasks begin. There will be some questions distributed; some speaking practice; and discussion of their various opinions about the topic.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and broaden the students vocabulary by my having done some pre preparation using the text in order to focus on certain parts of vocabulary that the students may or may not already know. This is to ensure they will have an understanding on the key concepts of the story when it comes time for them to read/listen and understand the story provided.


Warmer/Lead In (5-8 minutes) • Discuss the main topic of the lesson and elicit ideas from students about its various related meanings, to introduce topic and generate Ss interest.

The topic of Lives and Legends will be introduced to the Ss. T begins a brief discussion on what an actual Legend entails. The OH will then be turned on to assist in the following task: T then separates Ss into groups of 4 for the following task of brainstorming. T will write Fairytales on the WB and as Ss what they think the word actually means by eliciting ideas from them. Give them 1 minute to consider some related ideas and then ask for class discussion. Follow this up with showing images of famous fairytales i.e. legends that will be the focus of the lesson. Discussion of the images presented will serve as a form of key vocabulary practice for the required reading.

Pre Reading Context setting (5-8 minutes) • Vocabulary work in preparation for reading.

Explain to students that they will be doing some vocabulary work prior to the introduction of the text where they will be listening to and reading at the same time. Remind students to pay attention to the meanings of these words as it will assist them with the next task to ensure that their full attention will be retained. The words will be listed on the WB, and then the Ss will be encouraged to provide their thoughts on its meanings. This will allow for some Peer Checking prior to the beginning of the next task. The vocabulary words are: Moral; Witch; Stranger; Forest; Violent; Cottage; Fairy tale; Step Mother; Jewels; Wolf.

Task 1 (2 minutes) • Matching Exercise for Vocabulary

Ss will again stay in their prior groups of 4 and be presented with an answer key in the form of images. The vocabulary words will be presented on the WB and Ss will be asked to come up to the WB and match what they believe to be the correct image to the corresponding word. There will be a time limit of 2 minutes for this exercise, with the fastest team to match their image to the correct word to win.

Pre - Reading Task with Questions (5 minutes) • The 2nd Task will be distributed in the form of an excerpt from the course book that covers the parallel between children’s lives and what is taught to them in fairy tales.

The class will stay in their groups of 4 meaning that there will be approximately 6 tables. Each group will be presented with an excerpt from the course book. The questions will be distributed to each Ss but they are encouraged to work within their groups for approximately 2 minutes to consider their answers. Following the 2 minute mark T will ask the students for their answers and then the class will be shown the T answers on the overhead projector for peer review.

Skimming/Gist Reading Task (5-8 minutes) • Ss will then complete the next question for the Reading and Speaking Section. They will be presented with 3 different subtitles and then will listen to the text from 1.22 from the materials.

Following the completion of the first question of Task 2, the Ss will stay in groups and each group will be presented with 3 different Subtitles they should choose from when listening to a text on 1.22 of the CB. The definition and meaning of subtitle will be briefly discussed by T. Ss are then asked to choose the subtitle that they think best matches the text they have heard. The choices are: A) Escape from Reality B) Learning for Life C) For Adults Only Discussion will then follow regarding their choices and why they chose that particular Subtitle

Pre Reading Task (5-8 minutes) • Inferring meaning from an image and discussion.

Ss will be shown a picture of Hansel and Gretel on the overhead and asked if they know the story. Ss will get into pairs and describe the pictures, using the questions; useful phrases and vocabulary to assist them. They will be asked to limit their description to one paragraph. T will ask Ss to provide their answers by asking each pair to read out their answer.

While Reading / Listening Task (5-8 minutes) • Encourages Ss to listen and read carefully to infer meaning.

Ss will get back into groups of 4 and will be shown some multiple choice questions on the overhead projector. A text about Hansel and Gretel will be presented to Ss to read and at the same time listen to when a recording is played. Ss are instructed to pay attention to the parts where the answers will be inferred in the text. T will ask Ss to explain why the parents left the children and why Gretel killed the witch. Ask ss to present their answers to the multiple choice questions and show ss answer key for them to check.

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