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Advanced level


in this session the trainees will discuss: what is intonation? Is English a tonal or flat language? What is the difference between intonation and sentence stress? Some common patterns of intonation and how it is taught. as a lead in to the topic the trainees will be given three scenarios. It will guide them towards the topic of the input.


Abc Using video from Google

Main Aims

  • By the end of the session the trainees will have revised the main aspects of intonation.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To generate interest in intonation and make clear how important it is whilst learning English.


Lead in • To show how one and the same words can have different meanings if pronuonced with different intonation

The trainees will be given three scenarios. A)1. You are in a shop looking round. A shop assistant, who looks nice and helpful approaches you and asks: 2. You are in a shop looking round. A shop assistant ,who looks very tired, approaches you and asks: How each of them will ask you..... Can I help you? B) 1. You meet your old friend , who you haven't seen for a long time, in the lift. It is a good surprise for you. 2. You meet your former colleague, who you don't like, in the lift. How would you say the word "Hi" in two different way? C) Tom comes home late, he is drunk. In the morning he has a terrible hangover. 1.His wife is really angry with him. 2.The same morning a friend calls Tom. he feels really sorry for him. How Tom's wife and his friend say the words: " Oh, dear"

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