TP4/Reading / Animal Lovers
A2 level


This will be a reading skills lesson. The students will develop their reading skills with 'Animal Lovers'. There will be various 'While Teaching' activities


Main Aims

  • Reading - To give the students opportunity to develop their reading skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking - To help the students develop their speaking fluency.


Lead In (2-3 minutes) • To raise the sts general interest in the topic of 'Pets'

I will start with a short and friendly chat about our own pets and ask the students if they have a pet at home; if so, what they are. I will give an example from my own experience. I will tell the students to work in pairs and discuss what type of animals people have as pets in Turkey. There will be a very short WC FB to find out if anyone suggested and unusual animal as a pet.

Warm Up (4-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic 'Animal Lovers'

Give the sts 4 photos from the SB page 96 with a list of pets below the photos. I will tell the sts to work individually and choose a pet from the list for each person in the photos. When chosen, the sts will discuss in pairs the reason behind their choices. Briefly ask random sts their choices and why.

Scan Reading (3-4 minutes) • Sts to develop their reading for specific information.

After introducing the content of the article, I will tell the students to read the text quickly and underline the famous people mentioned in it. The sts will then check their list with the person sitting next to them. Very quick WC feedback to check they had all the famous people in the text or check during monitoring. Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Joan Rivers, Uma Thurman, Wayne Gretzky, Cher. Highlight the missed famous people if any.

Comprehension (7-10 minutes) • Sts to read for detail

I will show the sts ex 1 and direct them to read the 7 sentences that explain how crazy Americans are about their pets. I will tell them that 4 of these explanations are in the article. I will tell the sts to read again and individualy choose the correct ones. When finished, check the answers in pairs. Check if everyone agreed on the answers and if no, briefly go over the answers.

Post Reading Discussion (7-10 minutes) • Sts to develop their speaking fluency.

I will write ' A friend has offered you a monkey as a pet. Would you say 'yes' to this present? Why or why not? This will be a group work. The groups will need to write minimum 3 or 4 reasons why 'yes' or why 'no'. At the end of GW, as each group yes / no. Why? This will be a WC FB.

Delayed FB (3-5 minutes) • To give sts feedback on some good sentences and possible mistakes

During the Post reading discussion I will take notes on sentences formed well and possible mistakes made. I will write some of them on the board and ask the sts to highlight the problems they can see & how they would correct it.

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