Teaching Practice 8
Pre-intermediate, A2 level


The context of this session is decisiveness. Some relevant vocabulary is taught at pre reading stage. There will be some gist and detail reading tasks in the while reading stage. Finally there will be some post-reading activities.


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Main Aims

  • Main aim: Grammar. The focus of this lesson is the indecisiveness and probability mode expressed with the verb might.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Sub aim: reading and writing. The mode of might is exposed to the students through reading and some writing exercises.


Lead in/ Building context (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the idea of decisiveness, used as a base for teaching might

- Present the images on the slide that represent certainty and possibility. Elicit the words from the students.

Reading task (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the mode of might through appropriate situations.

- Ask the students to read the text and decide the answer to the gist question. - Ask the students to answer the questions in task 2 about the conversation. ICQs: which questions are we working on? 1 and 2. Do we work on question 3 or 4? No.

Highlighting target language (4-5 minutes) • To expose the students to might in different tenses

- Ask the students to complete the conversation with the sentences in task 3. - Ask the students to answer the questions in task 4.

Clarifying target language (7-8 minutes) • To explain the mode of might, model pronunciation and provide the form

- Ask the students about the might actions in the conversation, whether they refer to about past, present or future (e.g. when Tina says you might meet someone, is she talking about past, present or future).

Language practice & Feedback (22-23 minutes) • To practice the target language and ask for feedback

- Ask the students to read the second text and decide which possibilities belong to the past, present and future. [controlled practice] Ask the students to check their answers together. - Ask the students to write a paragraph using the information guideline provided. [semi-controlled practice] Ask the students to check their answers together. - If there is extra time left do the task 3. [Free practice] Ask the students to check their work together. While the students are checking their answers ask for feedback to see if there are any errors.

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