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Reading & Vocabulary Lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn about places in a town through new vocabulary and reading texts.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about different countries in the context of different places.
  • To provide clarification of places in a town in the context of the place we and other people live in.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of language used for specifying the place we live in the context of different places.


Context and Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To create an interest in the topic of the text. To activate learners' background knowledge.

Teacher sticks the pictures of the new vocabulary on the WB and asks the Sts if they already know some of them in English and what the topic is. Sts talk to each other in pairs about the vocabulary and the lesson topic.

Pre-teach Vocabulary (2-3 minutes) • To pre-teach any vocabulary essential to understanding of the text.

Teacher checks if students can remember the meaning for "country, town and abroad" and they can get the meaning for the new vocabulary with the help of visual aids and makes sure they grasp the meaning. Sts make drills.

Prediction (3-5 minutes) • To help the learners predict the content of the text and activate their background knowledge.

Teacher shows the students the headline and the pictures of the texts. Students make brainstorming about the texts in groups. T asks some questions to the Sts to get their predictions: "Can you guess which cities/countries are they in these pictures?", "Where are these people from?"

Gist Task (3-5 minutes) • To focus the learners on understanding the gist/overall meaning of the text.

T gives the students the texts. Sts read the texts and check their predictions on the texts. T asks questions connecting the new vocabulary and the texts: "Have Sam and Julie got a swimming pool where they live?", "Where do Pam and Andrew shop from?", "Has Henry got a supermarket in his town?"

Scan for Detail (7-10 minutes) • To focus the learners on details in the text.

T gives the matching activity on Student's Book page 28 number 3. T checks if Sts understood the three texts in details. T monitors and gives feedback if necessary. Sts check their answers in pairs. T gives a gap-fill acitivity for the new vocabulary (Workbook page 18 Activity 13). Sts check as a group. T monitors and gives feedback on WB if necessary.

Speaking: Writing for Fluency (2-4 minutes) • To allow learners to personalise the text. To recycle vocabulary and information from the text.

T asks the Sts to talk about what have they got in their town/neighbourhood. T gives an example about her neighbourhood. T writes the modal sentence on the WB. Sts talk in pairs. T monitors and takes notes for feedback.

Free Activity (3-5 minutes) • To revise the new vocabulary with a fun activity to finish the lesson.

T gives a small ball to the students and explains the game. One of the students say one new vocabulary and throw the ball to another student. T asks them to get faster after one or two minutes. T checks for some pronunciation mistakes and writes them on the WB.

Feedback (1-2 minutes) • To encourage Ss, To help Ss learn from their errors.

Teacher highlights some good language and some errors.

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