Schlumberger lesson, 8 September 2021
A2 level


Abc Email sent by Julia Baker to students

Main Aims

  • 1. Present the idea and my email sent on 5 September (attached).
  • 2. Practice, complete and add examples of work – emails, documents, notes etc.
  • 3. Produce an index for the portfolio of the examples that will be included.
  • PPP lesson to present, practice and produce the portfolio:
  • 4. Use the student's coursebook to challenge all four skills

Subsidiary Aims

  • 3. To explain the importance of practising the four skills in English to create pieces of work to include in the portfolio
  • 2. To teach how to critique a piece of work and it's suitability to be added to the portfolio
  • 1. To discuss the creation of a portfolio which would demonstrate a student's progression through their English learning programme
  • 4. Develop their own method of remembering to add to their portfolio;


Warmer/Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Briefly explain that Student 3 has dropped out of lessons altogether Explain that Student 2 is unavailable due to illness Review email sent on 5 September in advance of their lesson. Explain that we will discuss creating a portfolio General conversation as usual Skills taught: listening, reading, speaking

Main content (8-10 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

1. Email already sent to students. 2. Briefly further explain portfolio and its use 3. Reviewed needs analysis 4. Access MyEnglishLab account (where homework is assigned) 5. Exercise content of the lesson: target words "assessing, critiquing, evaluating, including, inserting, reviewing" explain the function of checking, assessing, evaluating etc., explain demonstration of these skills in looking at realia for the portfolio produce examples of target language: "I have assessed this email" and "I can include this document"

Cooler (5-5 minutes) • End the lesson

General conversation

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