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Real World: Beginner Listening Skills and Vocab Practice
Beginner level


In this lesson students will practice their listening skills while learning new vocabulary such as e-mail addresses and mobile numbers. The lesson will begin with a warmer review of nationalities and professions, and then segue into the introduction of email addresses. The students will do a listening exercise followed by a peer-check. The main exercise of the class will focus on listening and transcribing in order to check listening and comprehension skills. The students will first write down what they watch in a video, and then they will divide into pairs to role play this video with their partner. Once they have collected their partner's personal information, they will introduce their partner to the class.


Main Aims

  • The main aim of this class is to practice listening skills including listening for detail, predictive listening, and listening for gist.

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub aim of this class is language function (LF) to teach students how to give and receive personal information in a professional setting.


Ball Toss Warm-Up (2 parts) (4-8 minutes) • To get students active, review nationality, jobs, and question form.

Prep the board with a list of professions, and "I'm a... I'm an... What do you do?" Pt. 1: Bounce a ball, introduce myself and my nationality. Look around the room, toss the ball and have all the students do the same passing the ball from person to person. Pt. 2: Take the ball back. Bounce it a couple of times. I am a teacher. What do you do? Continue passing the ball until everyone has answered.

Identify pictures with jobs (5-8 minutes) • The aim is to be able to identify professions based on clothing to show understanding, and then to segue to learning email in the context of profession.

I will put 5 photos of people and their names on the board. Beneath each photo there will be a slot for an email address. One person (Laura) will have their email address already written. I will write on the board: What is his/her job/ What does s/he do? I will ask for a volunteer to be the teacher to ask the class: What is her job? And the class will answer: she is a doctor, etc. I will write down the correct answers on the board. Once they have identified everyone, the student will sit down. I will ask the class: What is Laura's email address? If someone knows "dot" and "at", I will give positive feedback and write these terms on the board. If not, I will go ahead and read the email, and I will highlight "dot" and "at" with a new color. I will have the class repeat the email address after me.

Listening Skills: Email addresses (4-6 minutes) • To practice listening and pronunciation skills by listening to audio, and repeating it back

Pre-set up audio file #40 Read out loud from the board: This is Laura. Her email address is I will gesture to the class to listen carefully. Play audio file. Drill: .com, .net, .org, etc... from the handout before you pass it out. Listen once more. Drill more sections of the emails to practice pronunciation. While gesturing to their associated picture on the board.

Fill-in-the-vowels: Personal Information Audio (6-9 minutes) • To set the context for the Personal Info questions audio, and segue to listening to the audio

Pre-write the blanks on the board, with "What's your..." beside it Pt. 1: Gesture to the bottom half of the worksheet, and have students fill in the vowels. Set-up the audio file. Have the students say which vowels go in which blank. Pre-teach vocab: Gym and Join a gym to give context before listening to the audio. Give instructions via gestures and speaking for students to listen to the audio file. Tell them to put a check next to the sentence when they hear it spoken on the audio file. #42

The City Gym Video - A (5-9 minutes) • Listening exercise to practice listening to new vocab and writing what you hear

I will tell the students we will now watch a video and give instructions for them to fill out Form A (ICQ - Not form B) while they watch the video. Model listening and writing. Play video. Play video a second time. Peer check answers.

Line up in order of Age (2-3 minutes) • New Partners Swap

Have everyone stand up, 100 years old on this end. 0 years old on that end. Ask an older student their age. Place them at one end. Ask a younger student theirs, place them at the other. I am 30 years old. Stand in the middle. Tell them to quickly line up. Divide the pairs up together and have them go sit down together.

Interview and Introduce (6-12 minutes) • To practice the vocabulary we learned in class, and to practice asking questions

Ask for a student volunteer. Hold up your paper and point to form B. Point also to the questions on bottom half of HO No. 1. Ask the questions, and mime filling in the blank. Have the student volunteer ask me questions while she writes to show SS's to swap afterward. Monitor, but not close enough to distract. If there is time, have the students introduce their partners by writing on the board: "This is.... His nationality is...." END

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