Present Simple
Elementary level


This lesson continues with the context set in the previous lesson and exploits the vocab and the grammar from the reading from a previous lesson. This lesson covers MFPA for Present Simple and questions. In this lesson ss get introduced, have controlled practice of Pr Simple; they listen/read for specific information.


Abc HO of superheroes' routines Prompts HO

Main Aims

  • Language Focus - Present Simple/to introduce ss to the MFP of Present Simple in the context of daily routines

Subsidiary Aims

  • Integrated skills: to practice listening/reading for specific information/practice writing skills consolidating recently taught TL


Lead-in (5-5 minutes) • review/ elicit the meaning/form/pron of the TL

Tell ss about your day. Ask them questions: And you? Ss answer as the whole class. T asks what Pr Simple is. Ss answer. T projects the text covered in the previous class on the board. Ss find Pr S forms in it, underline it.

Controlled practice of Pr S forms, writing about their every day life (7-9 minutes) • To give ss practice in reading and pronouncing the writing about their daily lives focusing on TL

Ss are given HO to work in pairs and write 8 sentences about their routines. Ss work with their partners in their groups. Ss peer check. Ss share their days with the whole group.T makes a demo.

Focus on MF of TL+vocabulary/Reading/Listening for specific information (5-6 minutes) • To give ss practice in listening for specific info

T elicit who Sam is. Ss answer. Ss do ex 7: they read and guess about Sam in pairs. Ss listen and chose the correct option. Ss peer check in groups. WC discussion.

Making Questions/Focus on Form (10-12 minutes) • To introduce and practice the new TL (Pr simple questions, WH questions)

T asks the class about their English class in ITI. Marks the answers on the board. Ask ss to repeat the questions. Write down on the wb. Underline the auxiliary verb. Ss do ex 8 in pairs. Each groups writes 1 questions in the table on the wb. Group check Ss do ex 9a. Peer check. Give answer keys. Find your partners' mistakes. What have you missed?

Superheroes daily routine (10-12 minutes) • To give ss freer practice in speaking/writing Pr Simple affirmative sentences/WH questions/

Ss are divided into 4 groups. They have to chose a superhero (Batman, Spiderman etc). 1. Each group gets a HO to fill in. T demonstartes :"I get up at 3 at night every night. I have breakfast for 3 minutes."etc. 2. 5 min Then each group get another HO to write Wh questions about other superheroes, to be asked to other groups. 6 min 3. Groups 2-2 ask and answer questions. 2 ss demonstrate. 4 min. 4. Ss chose the best routine and vote T monitors, notes down the mistakes.

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