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First Conditional through the Context of life problems
A2 level


Students will complete a number of exercises based on the context of life problems to create and use sentences with the first conditional, which contains the `if` clause and the main clause. They will complete gap fills and un-jumble sentences to learn the meaning and form and also go through a clarification stage where the teacher will drill the pronunciation. Finally they will create and share their own sentences which they create by using a number of topics including holidays and a bank robbery.


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Main Aims

  • To provide detailed practice through exercises and production on the grammar point of the first conditional through the context of life problems.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice on writing and speaking as a production of the target language.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (7-10 minutes) • To build a context based on life problems

Students will receive 3 images of people having a problem and be asked to explain what is happening and write down the problem they are having. We will than elicit the word problems. Students will than listen to a recording to match what they hear to the images. Finally they will match some sentences to the images to finish the first stage and have some exposure to the TL.

Stage 2 (Clarification Questions ) (2-3 minutes) • To test the understanding of the students knowledge of the TL

Students will answer 3 questions about the TL individually and then group check their knowledge - Do the sentences talk about the present or future - Does the `if` part of the sentence, talk about things which are possible or certain? - Is the if clause always first in the sentence?

Stage 3 (Whole class clarification) (2-3 minutes) • To solidify knowledge of the TL before moving on to the exercises and production stages.

The teacher will explain the form of sentences using `if` and also explain the pronunciation. The length of this stage will depend on how the students perform on the previous stage.

Stage 4( Fill in the gaps exercise) (5-7 minutes) • For students to practice form and meaning of the TL

Students will receive a paragraph where they need to choose the correct words to fill in the gaps in the paragraph.

Stage 5 (Un-jumble the sentences) (5-8 minutes) • Students to practice both form and meaning of the TL

Students will un-jumble the sentences individually and than peer check

Stage 6 (Production stage through writing and speaking) (7-10 minutes) • Practice of the TL through writing and speaking

Students will need to use the TL to write sentences based on 3 topic , including Holidays , Weather and a bank robbery. A demonstration will be done on the board first after which students will write, and than ask each other what they would do in these situations.

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