Colin Colin

Beginner 3


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Main Aims

  • Grammar: to introduce and practice use of a / an
  • to introduce and practice using plurals
  • vocabulary: people, common items

Subsidiary Aims

  • to learn and use classroom language
  • To review / practice using letters and numbers
  • to use first and last names


Classroom Language Review (4-4 minutes) • To review instructions

Quiz them on classroom language, distribute HO.

Letter / Number Grid (14-18 minutes) • to practice using letters and numbers, asking questions / answering

Model activity: 4x4 grid on WB. Explain a1, a2, b3, b4, etc. Model, "What is a3?" "A3 is ___" Chest HO, distribute.

Hear a Number, Say a Number (11-13 minutes) • to review and practice using numbers, to practice listening and speaking

Model activity, demonstrate. Read along during activity to ensure accuracy.

Where's He From? (10-12 minutes) • to practice asking questions about nationality, to practice listening and speaking.

Chest HO. Show the page with names and countries. Then show the page without the answers. Explain that students have 3 minutes to study the page and remember, then ask each other questions. "Whats his / her name?" "Where is he / she from?" "His / her name is..." "He/ she is from..."

Real Names (13-15 minutes) • to practice asking and answering questions, practice spelling

Model activity. A"What is Bono's real name?" B"Bono's real name is Paul Hewson" A"Can you spell that please?" B"P-A-U-L..."

Listening intro (1-2 minutes) • to introduce surnames

Demo: "What is your name?" Ali Can. "What is your surname?" WB: Ali Can _____.

Listening ex. 3 (3-3 minutes) • to practice listening for specific information

Listen. Match.

Grammar: a / an (5-6 minutes) • to introduce and practice a / an

WB model: Draw an apple, whats this? apple. (elma) Draw an umbrella, whats this? ___ pen ___ notebook ___ apple ___ umbrella sentences: I write with ___ pen. I eat ___ apple. Students complete 8 and 9 in book Check in pairs

Listening ex. 11 (3-3 minutes) • to practice scan listening.

Listen. Tick.

Gap Fill (6-8 minutes) • to introduce and use classroom phrases

Put exercise on WB. Students work together to complete gap fill. Get students to ask the questions, then model the classroom language / answer.

vocabulary 1d (6-8 minutes) • to introduce new vocabulary

Show pictures to the students, eliciting the vocabulary words. Drill pronunciation. Students complete exercises 1 and 2, check answers.

plurals (3-4 minutes) • to introduce and practice plurals

Elicit the plural form of the previous vocab. Model different forms on WB: ch ending, y ending, irregular. students complete ex. 6

speaking activity (10-15 minutes) • to practice speaking using plurals, ages

Ex. page 98. demonstrate activity and dialogue.

Picture and Words review game (14-18 minutes) • to practice vocabulary


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