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F2-L1 B
Foundation level


Students learn about countable and uncountable nouns through dialogues in the restaurant


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of language used for requesting in the context of ordering ina restaurant
  • To provide clarification of countable and uncountable nouns in the context of food and drinks
  • To provide clarification of veb to be in the context of introducing oneself

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of items names in the context of daily life


Lead-in • get students involved in the topic, pre-teach some vocabulary and review some vocabulary and grammar

1. The teacher shows a picture of a waiter and a guest and elicits what might the quest say to order " I'd like....." , and review some food and drinks vocabulary.

ex.3 (4-5 minutes) • Students learn singular and plural nouns

1. The teacher shows a pen and asks " what's this?" Then he writes the answer " It's a pen." Then he shows two pens and does the same. 2. The teacher asks students to open their books and plays audio. 3. The teacher elicits the grammar and introduces the terms singular and plural. 4. The teacher elicits some other examples of singular/plural pairs.

ex.4 (6-8 minutes) • Students learn countable and uncountable nouns

1. The teacher counts some books or pens and gives a report using singular and plural forms. Then he tries to count the water inside the bottle to introduce the idea of uncountability. 2. books open the teacher plays the audio 3. The teacher explains grammar asking some CCQs 4. The teacher asks for more examples using singular, plural and uncountable nouns in sentences like " I'd like........." 5. Students open activity books page 19 ex.9 and do it in pairs. 6. The teacher elicits answers and gives feedback

ex.5 (4-5 minutes) • students learn definite and indefinite articles

1. The teacher shows a flag and asks what this is. Then he shows the Saudi flag and asks what this is. 2. book open the teacher plays audio. 3. Grammar is explained

ex.6 (5-7 minutes) • Students learn veb to be

1. The teacher uses am is are to introduce the meaning. 2. books open he plays audio 3. He explains grammar and highlights short form pronunciation 4. He asks for more examples

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