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TP 2 - My perfect weekend
Elementary level


The main aim of this lesson is improving Ss "reading for information" skills. To achieve that, T uses skim and scan activities. Ss will do a speaking activity that fit into the "perfect weekend context" at the end of the lesson to improve their speaking ability as well (sub aim).


Abc My perfect day - Handout

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, detailed, scan and deduction reading practice using a text about "My perfect weekend" in the context of Weekend activities, hobbies, free time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide
  • Improve Ss speaking ability. T uses a short speaking activity at the end if the lesson which is related to the "perfect weekend" context.


Lead in (5-8 minutes) • Provide lesson context and build up a good rapport with the students.

T write the sentence "My perfect weekend" on the board and tell Ss about his weekend. I will use pictures from my weekend as well to make it more personally based rather than abstract. Then T asks Ss to talk about their perfect weekend.

Matching activity (4-5 minutes) • Prepare Ss for the upcoming text with vocabulary used in the text.

T give out a small matching activity. T monitors well. Ss compare in pairs of 2. If I saw (during monitoring) that Ss did well with this activity, I will continue with next step. Otherwise WC Feedback.

Name it... (4-5 minutes) • Prepare Ss for text

T divide the class in 2 groups. 1 group deal with the Character Jamie Cullum, The other group is engaged with the Character Shilpa Shetty. Each group look at the pictures of their related character and guess what a perfect weekend might look like for them. Group discussion, T monitors. This stage ends with a short WC FB

Gist reading (1-2 minutes) • Give Ss a quick look over the text.

T gives Ss headings which they have to match to the paragraphs from the text. Ss compare their solution in pairs of 2. T monitors. WC FB

Scanning (10-15 minutes) • Reading for specific information...

T projects task #4 on the whiteboard. Ss work together in the same groups to answer questions. T monitors. Group check their answers among themselves. Now Ss tell a S from the other group about their character using answers from task #4. T monitors.

Follow up activity (3-5 minutes) • Check comprehension

Ss stay in pairs of 2. Now Ss talk about what things both characters like doing and what things are different. T monitors.

Speaking activity (5-5 minutes) • Give Ss the chance to practice speaking based on their understanding of the text.

On a piece of paper, Ss write down 2 things they like doing at the weekends. T collect all Ss papers. T start reading the 1st paper, Ss guess who the S is who wrote this. The S who guessed it correct comes to the front to read the next paper and so on.

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