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pre-intermediate level


countable and uncountable nouns


Main Aims

  • To provide understainding of countable nouns and how and when to appropriately use them

Subsidiary Aims

  • speaking and vocabulary practice


lead-in (7 minutes) • to get students intersted in the topic

greet students show a few pictures ask students to name them ask students what we identify them as? (nouns) bring up countable and uncountable nouns ask students which of the pictures are CN / UCN. move on to introduce nouns in grammar, the use of some, any, no etc use student book material to support explanation

highlighting (6-7 minutes) • to draw students attention to the target language

students work individually to identify countable and uncountable nouns draw two boxes on the board to divide the nouns into two groups ask students why they have chosen to group them that way encourage feedback by asking for opinions without correction

clarification (6-7 minutes) • to focus on the MFP of the TL.

show tapescript as the answers to task one. check students understand the context that they have been used as this determines the type of noun it is get students to say how they know the difference between CN/UCN. (use of any/some etc)

controlled practice (6 minutes) • to check students understanding of meaning and form

students work in pairs to work on task encourage more discussion ask pairs to share answers prompt other pairs to help with corrections

semi controlled and freer practice (6 minutes) • to further consolidate the TL and allow for some production

students work in pairs A&B one student looks at pg 127 and the other pg 129 students discuss the differences using the prompts provided. monitor to make sure students are using TL

Freer practice (6 minutes) • to allow for some production using the target language

students work on their own to do the task. when completed, they work in groups to check answers. get feedback

further practice (6 minutes) • To allow students to show their understanding of C/UCN

students continue working in the groups students share their answers groups help/correct each other

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