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TP8 - Vocabulary(Shopping)
Pre-Intemediate level


In this lesson, students learn some lexis about shopping and online shopping. They will do some controlled vocabulary exercises through matching the pictures and completing the sentences. This is followed by a listening activity where they will hear about some people's shopping habits. Finally, they will talk about their shopping habits through a semi controlled practice.


Abc Sentence cards
Abc Some photos describing the verb 'fit' and 'suit'
Abc English File Pre- Intermediate WB pg. 26
Abc A photo of clothing store
Abc pictures on pg.155
Abc wordcards
Abc Recording 2.29
Abc Recording 2.28
Abc Recording 2.27
Abc Recording 2.26
Abc English File Pre- Intermediate SB, pg. 31
Abc English File Pre-Intermediate SB, pg. 155

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, learners will have learnt some lexis about shopping and practiced them through controlled and semi-controlled practices.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about shopping in the context of problems with the clothes


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of shopping

-T shows a photo of clothing store and elicits answers from Ss. T: Do you go to that place? What do you do here? (Ss speak out their nswers) T: Think that you will go to this storeand buy something. What do you do in this store first, then, finally? Discuss with your partners. (Ss discuss their ideas in pairs and speak out their ideas)

Presentation (6-7 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the lexis so learners understand, know how to construct and say them

-T shows pictures and word cards and asks Ss to match them in pairs. T: Match the pictures and words with your partner. You have 2' (Ss match the pictures and words in pairs.) -T monitors and then when they finish focuses on the pictures one by one and elicits the words especially Ss have difficulty in matching by CCQs, definitions and mimings. -(possible words that they will have difficulty may be for picture 1) T: (Picture1) - When you take sth back, you buy it but then you see a problem and you don't like it then you want to give it back. Look at the picture . Is she happy? Is there a problem with the item? Is she explaining the problem to the assistant? etc. -T plays the recording 2.28 and let Ss check their answers again and hear the pronunciation. (Ss listen and check their answers also hear the words) - T shows the another pictures to teach the verbs 'fit' and 'suit'(one that big and small shoes that don't fit people's feet and the other with a man in a chic suit) T: This shoes don't fit these people. Look they are too small for her and too big for him. If they are wrong size, they don't fit . If clothes don't suit you, it means they don't look good/nice on you.

Practice (4-5 minutes) • To provide a controlled written practice focused on using the language accurately

-T hands the activity on Workbook ex.1a T: Complete the text with the words in your hands. (showing the wordcards.) Do it yourself. You have 2' ICQ- Alone or together? Alone. How much time do you have? 3' (Ss complete the text ) T: Check your answers with your partners. (Ss check their answers in pairs) -T provides the answers on the WB

Presentation 2 (8-10 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the lexis so learners understand, know how to construct and say them

-T clarifies the words 'account', 'auction', 'payment', and 'delivery' by eliciting. (definitions, giving examples) auction- 'Let go' and 'Sahibinden.com' are auction websites. You sell or buy things here. account- Facebook ,twitter instagram accounts. If you want to join Facebook you create an account, you give your personal details. payment- the act of paying, i.e.payment with credit card (T explains the words on a online shopping website if possible) (Ss listen/watch and grasp the meaning) -T shows the words in box on SB pg. 155 ex 2a and sentence cards. T: Read the sentences and complete them with the words with your partner. You have 3' (Ss complete the sentences in pairs.) T: Now, put the sentences in order with your partner. (Ss put them in order.) - T lets the pairs to stand up check other pairs' answers T: Stand up and check other ones' answers. (Ss stand up and check their answers) -T plays recording 2.29 and lets students check their answers. T: Listen and check your answers. (Ss listen and check the answers)

Practice 2 • To provide a controlled written practice focused on using the language accurately
Listening for gist • To encourage Ss to listen to get an overview of the text
Listening for specific information • To further familiarise learners with the text
Production • To provide freer practice and focuse on using the target language more fluently
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