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Past simple irregular verbs
Beginner level


In this lesson SS learn past simple of irregular verbs (saw, went, bought, paid, ate, drank, met, had, came, slept) to make statements in the context of last holiday (weekend). Following the exposure of context and teaching the verbs, SS do controlled and semi-controlled practice. Finally, they practice a short speaking skill, making some past sentences with the verb tags.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of past tense of irregular verbs in the context of holiday.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading in the context of holiday using the past tense of irregular verbs and provide accuracy speaking practice in a role play in the context of last holiday or last weekend.


Lead-in • To set lesson context and engage students

"hello" "how are you today? as you know today is my last session, hope you enjoy the lesson" "let's start talking about holiday" "where did you go?" "what did you see?" "who did you meet?" .... a few times do error correction . "oh, you saw... . "have you been in Paris?" "I went to Paris in 2012"

Pre-reading (1-2 minutes) • To pre-teach the vocabulary for reading

"before reading the text, I want t check a meaning with you" "show Trump towers" "what are these?" trump .... . towers model drill

While-Reading • Reading for gist to answer if I had a good time in Paris

"read the e-mail quickly and tell me if I had a good time in Paris" ICQ: "should you read fast or line by line?" after 2 min elicit the answer from SS

While-Reading2 • scan the reading and answer 6 true/false sentences

SS read the text again to answer 6 true false sentences 1. I drank a cappuccino at Starbucks. 2. I came back to hotel by taxi. 3. I ate hamburger at Pizza Hut. 4. I bought a nice gift for my sister. 5. I paid 50 Euros for the gift. 6. I met my cousin by the Seine River. elicits the answers from SS and write the answers on the WB.

While-Reading3 • To draw students' attention to the target language and answer a matching exercise

SS will be asked to match the verbs to the past tenses.SS work in pairs. check in pairs.

Clarification • To clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of the target language

show on the OHP the past tense of irregular verbs in the context. " re they past or present"? why?how do you know it?" in 2012... show the list See went Go paid Buy saw Pay had Eat slept Drink came back Meet drank Have met Come back bought Sleep ate These are the past tense of some irregular verbs. model, drill. check the meaning (buy, pay, come back) give a demo for come back. explain the meaning of pay and buy. "you go to supermarket to.... milk, eggs,... ." "then you should .... 50 TL"

controlled practice substitution drill • To concept check and prepare the SS for more meaningful practice

SS do the substitution drill practice. show 2 papers, one in each hand. On one paper show the present tense of verbs, on the other the rest of the sentences. SS make a sentence changing the base form to the past tense. Give a demo first.

controlled practice 1 • To concept check and prepare SS for substitution drill

"read 7 sentences and rewrite them in the past forms. 7 questions. in some of the sentences there are 2 verbs that you need to change. for eg. sentence number 2. I buy a gift for my sister and I pay 100 Euro for it. what are the verbs? make the sentence. elicit the answer for the example. SS work and then elicit the answers from SS (SS read their sentences and T writes on the WB).

Semi-controlled speaking practice • To concept check the past irregular tense and speaking for accuracy

SS work in groups of 4. each group has 10 tags which are the base form of taught verbs. Each student take a tag and make a past tense sentence. it could be about holiday, weekend or anything. before doing this, T in instruction gives some clues and write them on WB. T elicits some sentences from the SS "make a sentence with come back in the past I came back to school by bus T writes only bu buy on the WB.

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