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Reading - The united states of animals
A2 level


In this lessons Ss will develop their receptive skills by reading for a gist (skimming skill) and looking for specific information in the text related to the writers opinion on why Americans are crazy about animals (scanning skill). Ss will review vocabulary by doing a matching exercise and elicitation during pre-rereading exercise. After main and sub aims are reached Ss will work on productive skills with a semi-controlled conversation on pets and favourite animals.


Abc Pre-reading questions
Abc Celebrities images
Abc The United States of Animals
Abc Exercise 1 - scanning
Abc Excercise 2 - Vocabulary
Abc Productive speaking, I
Abc Productive speaking, II
Abc Filling gaps

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using the text "The Unites States of Animals" about celebrities that are crazy about animals in the context of pets.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review (clarification if needed) of vocabulary found in the reading: "to be crazy about something", "to run something", "to look after something", "pet"


Warmer/Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context "animal lovers and pets" and make the lesson interesting for the Ss by asking personal questions about their favourite animals and pets.

Use OHP to show photos of American celebrities with their pets. Elicit words "pets", "celebrities", "American" by asking questions about the photos. Ask Ss: Who are they? Where are they from? Who's with them? Ask Ss more personal questions: Do you like animals? Does anyone have a pet?

Pre-Reading/Listening (5-7 minutes) • to engage students in conversation/discussion (what animals do they like and why etc) and activate their schematic knowledge in the context of "animal lovers and pets"

Ss will work in pairs and ask each other questions about animals and pets. INSTRUCTIONS: Work in pairs Ask these (pointing the paper) questions to your partner. Answer the questions. ICQs: Do you work alone? No Do you write the answers? No HANDOUT: Give the Ss the flashcards with the questions on it. MONITOR: Monitor without interrupting the Ss. Note down if there are any major mistakes that you can correct after the practice. This part of the lesson is not on accuracy but on engaging the Ss in talking and discussing about their ideas on animals and pets.

While-Reading #1 GIST (3-5 minutes) • To provide a controlled reading practice for gist in the context of "animal lovers and pets"

Show the Ss the photos of the 8 celebrities with OHP. Ask Ss if they know them. Tell the students that you will give them a text. This 8 celebrities are nominated in the text. Ss need to find out what do they have in common. Students have 1min to quickly skim the text and find the answer. INSTRUCTIONS: You have one minute to read the text (show them the text). I want you to find out what do they (pointing photos) have in common? ICQs: How long do you have to read the text? 1 minute What question do you need to answer? What do these 8 celebrities have in common After 1 minute ask the students to flip the text upside down. Ask the students: what do these 8 celebrities have in common? Ss should know the answer. if not help them with clues.

While-Reading #2 Scanning (7-10 minutes) • To provide Ss with a controlled reading practice for specific information in the context of "animal lovers and pets"

Ss with look in the text to find if the sentences in the exercise are mentioned or not in the text. INSTRUCTIONS: These are 7 sentences. You must check the text and find out which sentences are mentioned and which are not mentioned. Tick √ (draw on board) if the sentence is mentioned. For example: George Clooney was in the Nespresso tv commercial. ICQs: Do you check if the sentence is in the text? Yes Do you check if the sentence is true or false? No Feedback: Ask Ss to check with their partners. If there are differences. -> if there is enough time. Ask a S to write on the board and others to check and change in case something is wrong. -> if there is not enough time just write the answers on the board.

While Reading #3 Vocabulary review connected to the text (7-10 minutes) • To review vocabulary: "to be crazy about something", "to look after something", "to run something" "to wonder"

Step 1. Ss will do a matching activity to review the meanings of some of the vocabulary in the reading text. INSTRUCTIONS: On one side you have three verbs. On the other side you have three definitions. Match the definitions with the verbs. If you don't know the answer, check the text. The verbs are in the text. CHECK: check in pairs, check in your group. Ask 4 different students to read verb and meaning. Drill the sentence with the class. Correct pronunciation if needed. Write on board. Step 2. Ss will do a fill the gap activity instead of verbal CCQ. There will be two sentences for each verb. INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the gaps with this (indicate words written on WB) verbs. (show page with exercise) Give HANDOUT to students. Once finished ask Ss to check with their partners. Ask each sentence to a S, correct if wrong. Correct pronunciation if needed. Drill full sentences not single words.

Post-Reading/Listening (7-10 minutes) • To provide semi-controlled speaking practice (after aims completed) in order to develop the productive skill of speaking and fluency in the context of "animal lovers and pets"

Ss will be provided with a flashcard with questions on it. Ss will mingles and ask/answer questions with their peers. INSTRUCTIONS: Please Stand up. Ask the questions on the card (indicate flashcard). Answer the questions. Move around and ask different people. Monitor and note down mistakes

Feedback (1-5 minutes) • to give feedback on mistakes made during semi controlled practice

Review mistakes you heard during the lesson. Write sentences on the board. Ask Ss if they are right or wrong and how you need to change them to make them right.

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