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Promoting a Charity Activity
Upper Intermediate level


This is an activity focused lesson, in which students are placed into 4 groups and assigned a charity. Each group will act as representatives of the charity, and prepare a presentation for the class on reasons to support their agency.


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Main Aims

  • To encourage students to utilize their productive skills, primarily through speech, although perhaps with a small amount of writing. This will be achieved through the use of an activity in the context of charity promotion.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will effectively utilize their receptive detailed reading skills to comprehend the presented text and their classmates presentations. I am hoping that successful use of their receptive skills will lead into effective feedback and use of their productive speaking skills, thus reinforcing the main aim.


Warmer (6-9 minutes) • To get Ss talking and thinking about charities, along with necessary vocabulary

Talk to the Ss about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundatıon, wrıtıng ıts name on the board. Ask SS ıf they know of Bıll Gates. and elıcıt or ınform them about hıs hıstory. Bıll Gates made billıons of dollars from Mıcrosoft before starting the foundation. Elicit answers on what the foundation does, writing answers on the board. Big ıtems are dısease preventıon (malarıa. HIV. tropıcal dıseases), disaster relief (3 mıl for 2004 tsunami, earthquakes), and development (water, hygıene, sanitation). Elıcıt from Ss what type of work the foundatıon performs (charıty). Ss wıll provide information on other charities in Turkey or worldwide.

Promoting a Charity Handout (5-7 minutes) • To promote receptive skills in the context of charity

T will explain that he has 4 different charities for the Ss to read. T will inform the Ss that the charity has been receiving very little money, and needs new ideas to get new donors. Hand out the charity cards to Ss at this time. Ss will be given a few minutes to read the cards individually, promoting receptive reading skills (they may begin by doing a gist reading, but throughout the lesson it should become an in-depth reading as Ss are required to think about the topic in depth).

Charity Presentation Prep (8-10 minutes) • To Have Ss Use their Productive Speaking Skills

Inform the class that they are representatives of the charities which they have been assigned. The charity has not been receiving much money lately, and needs new ideas to get support from the public. Students will discuss the charity, and come up with ways to bolster its fundraising. They will then present their ideas to the class. Group SS by charity, and give them enough time to come up with new ideas and plans for the presentation. Minimum 5 minutes, as many as 10, depending on how class is progressing and how long it seems to take them.

Class Presentation (22-25 minutes) • For SS to utilize their productive speaking skills for giving a presentation, while using receptive skills in listening and observing

Tell the SS that time is up, and they must give their presentations. Ask for volunteers, or simply call each group by their alphabetically assigned letter. Give each group 5 minutes to make their presentations, if there is not enough material to last that long, open it up for questions from their peers. At the end, SS will vote for the strongest presentation. Optional - If time permits, allow a group discussion about charity efforts, what they can do to be more effective, etc.

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