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J2 Sem 1 Wk11
Grade 8 level


Kids read an authentic text from the UNICEF website about a way that kids can help save lives by getting more active. They then design their own fun way to save lives.


Main Aims

  • Students understand the text from the UNICEF website and feel comfortable that they can understand some English in a real world context

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students apply creativity to come up with their own plan fro saving lives


gist • students read quickly and understand the gist

Tell the kids to read through fast and try to understand how the kids save lives (answer: by getting active). You can use the slide, or if you want it might be more fun to go to the UNICEF kid power website and let them read the text right off the website. This way they'll see that they can read English from the real world! Make sure they know they're just reading fast. There will be words they don't know and that's okay. The goal is just to get the gist. Don't keep it up for too long so they have to read fast.

Pre-teach vocab • teach vocab for the reading

Go through the vocab slides. These are hard words from the reading and you probably won't be able to elicit them. Concept check: e.g. Is a massage therapeutic? Yes. Is an oven therapeutic? No. Don't spend too long on this because it's not too important.

detail task • students read again and pick out details

Put the slide up again or go back to the website (but if you do this copy the questions from the bottom onto the board first so they can see them). Then students will individually read through and try to answer the questions. After let them, share their answers in pairs or small groups and then go through the questions one by one as a class.

Uncontrolled Activity • students use their language to design a new saving lives plan

In small groups kids will design their own way for kids to save lives. Give them ideas, or maybe do a demo as a whole class (but there's the risk they all copy that). What do the kids do - biking, climbing mountains, sports, reading, writing, games, etc. Where does the money come from -- parents, some celebrity or company they like, etc. How does it save lives -- food, medicine, water, housing, etc.

Introduction • intro topic

Ask kids if they know a way kids can make a difference in the world. Let them share any ideas they have. After you can play the video - they won't understand all of it but the images might help them get an idea.

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