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Review on Times and Prices
Elementary level


In this lesson we will be reviewing the previous two lessons which would have been on prices and times. With that, I will start reviewing with the students by drawing on the board a clock with different times and will ask them to share with their pairs what they were and will be doing at time. After that II will draw different Lira bills on the board, and ask them again to share in pairs what they would buy with each of the different bills. Next I will put them into groups of three and either assign them each three different locations, and they have to practice using the TL with each other. If I do not do that, I will instead give them a worksheet to work on together to practice speaking the TL. After that I will then keep them in the same groups and have them play Sherades.


Main Aims

  • Main aim in this lesson is to have the students practice the TL (prices and times) with each other, so it can stick in their minds.

Subsidiary Aims

  • by SPEAKING and using the TL in regular conversations and normal speaking, which we will practice in these different activities!


1) REVIEW first half, TIMES (5 minutes) • to practice speaking about times

I will draw a clock on the board, and do three different examples of times. For each time I will have them each share in their pairs what they were doing at that time today or yesterday. ( I will give an example first if they do not understand ). After doing that 3 different times, I will then change the question to what will they be doing tomorrow at the different times. Also, I will give an example beforehand. I will do this also with 3 different times. I will walk around and observe as they do this activity. ** I will go around and hear from different pairs after they are done, in order to share different ideas with the whole class.

2) Review 2nd half, PRICES (5 minutes) • to practice speaking about prices and money

After the clock activity, I will erase that and draw different Lira bills on the board. I will ask them to share with their pairs again, of what they would buy with each of the different amount of Lira. I will do an example before hand. I will walk around and listen as they do this activity to be sure they are using variety and different vocabulary. After they are finished, I will hear from different pairs, and have them share to the class.

3) Groups of 3 activity (5 minutes) • To practice more using both times and prices

I will get them into groups of three using A, B, C. Making sure they remember what they are. I will have A's go to one side of room, B's another, and C's another. I will then assign them each 3 different locations, and they have to role play using the TL. I can give them each a paper with many questions on it, and they have to ask as many as they can for 2 minutes. After that I can say, switch--and they switch locations. (Each paper of questions is for each different location so it stays there). Each person switch to a different place. I will say switch two more times, each one after around 2 minutes each. I will give an example first. I will give them ideas. As they do this, I will again walk around and listen and observe, as well as help with pronunciation and accuracy.

4) Finding the correct match using TL (3-5 minutes) • More practice using TL

After the group 3 activity, I will hand each of them a different sheet of paper (probably cut) which all have been mixed up. These papers have a place, a time, activity or item, and a price. Each piece of paper has something different, and each person (depending on how many people there are--which that can create problems) has a different thing. I will explain that they must read and then find the right matches that go with the time, price, place and item/activity. I will do an example if they do not understand. **IF there are less or more people I will either add (I will have extra), or take out...

5) New vocabulary for times and prices (3-5 minutes) • to teach some new words that students can apply with the TL

I will have them go back to their seats after the matching game (activity 4). I will explain that we will play another game after we learn some new vocabulary. I will explain that I want to hear them practice using the new vocabulary in the game. I will hand out a worksheet that has many different places with many different activities and items, and they will fill out and match with the correct pictures and words. (They can do it by themselves or in pairs if they want) Have them practice the pronunciation and sound together as pairs, and I will go around and listen and answer questions.

6) SHERADES!! (10-15 minutes) • Playing a game, practicing TL, acting and guessing ;)

I will then have them get into groups of three, with the people they are closest to. I will explain that we will now play the game, called Sherades. They may have heard of it before. I will explain that they each as a group, must decide a) where will they will be, b) what they will be doing, c) how much it will cost, and d) what time. They have to do this quietly so the other groups do not know, and they must only do this in English--no Turkish! They can move to a different side if they want. I can demo if it is confusing to them, which it probably will be?? I will use another teacher, ;) I will explain that anyone from the class can guess, and each group takes turns and acts. I will give them three minutes or so to plan their act, then each group will start. This should all take about 10-12 minutes or so.... 15 minutes maybe.

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