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Copy of TP 7 Reported Speech
upper-intermediate level


In this lesson students will review reported speech statements shortly, before they will have a more detailed look on reported speech questions and requests. This lesson starts with a brainstorming activity where students brainstorm on questions 2 people may ask each other at their first date. These questions will be the marker sentences to work with in the next activities where students will be tested on their knowledge of reported speech questions and requests. Then the teacher will help them discover meaning and form of the grammar structure, before giving controlled, semi-controlled and freer practice.


Main Aims

  • to review knowledge of reported speech statements and to expose students to reported speech questions and requests in more detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give students the opportunity to practice reported speech questions and requests in a freer speaking activity


Warmer/Lead-in (20-25 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

- t puts 3 pics of 3 people on the board: 2 girls and a boy - t elicits names - t sets scene: The girls A has a crush on the boy and they go out for their first date. - t elicits typical questions AND request ('Call me!') people ask on 1st dates - t writes down 1-2 examples - t explains: after the 1st date she tells everything he said to her best friend. - t elicits grammar structure from the ss CCQ: - Does the boy tell girl C directly? > No. - Does he speak to her directly? > No. - Does girl A tell everything about the boy to girl C? > Yes. - Does girl A report about the boy? > Yes.

Meaning (20-25 minutes) • to activate students previous knowledge and to help them discover the meaning of reported speech questions, requests and order

- t puts students in groups of 3 - t gives instructions I will give you 9 sentences in direct speech and 9 sentences in indirect speech. Try to match the direct sentence with a suitable reported speech sentence. - t hands out handout - ss do the activity - ss check with peers - t gives answer key - t draws a collumn on board: questions/ requests/ orders in reported speech - t gives instructions: Work in your groups. Find 1 example of each type. - ss work in their groups - t gives instructions One by one come to the board. Stick your sentences in the right category. - wcfb

Form (20-25 minutes) • To clarify the form of the grammatical structure

- t gives instructions Look at the board. Look at the sentences on the board. - t elicits parts of speech for 1 marker sentence on the board - t puts students into previous groups of 3 - ss stand up and gather around 2 tables - t gives instructions: I will hand out colored paper-slips with parts of speech on it. Look at your example sentences and order the colored paper. What comes first ....? - ss do activiy - ss check with other groups - t gives each group an answer key

Production (20-25 minutes) • to give students the possibility to practice the grammatical structure in controlled and semi-controlled practices

- t gives instructions: I will give you a handout. Please fill in the gaps on this handout. - ss do activity - ss check with their peers - t gives instructions Find the answer key under your chair Check your answers - wcfb: any questions? - t puts ss in pairs (A,B) - ss face each other - t gives instructions Each of you gets a set of index cards. On those index cards are 2 sentences. Read the first sentence to your partner. The partner has to change this sentence into reported speech. The second sentence is the correct answer. Correct your partner if necessary. - t gives demo - t hands out the cards - ss do activiy - wcfb 'Any questions?'

Free practice (20-25 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

- t gives instructions. Please talk to 3 of your classmates. Find out something about their worst date, funniest date, first date? Did the dates say or ask something funny? Take notes. - ss mingle and ask each other - wcfb: Can you report some interesting stories?

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