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TP:4 Verb patterns
Pre-Intermediate level


In this class, students will be focusing on verb patterns in the context of jobs and future plans, ambitions and wishes. The teacher will start with eliciting pictures from the worksheet on the projector, and talking through their jobs and how they feel. Vocabulary will be pre-taught and drilled if needed This will be followed by a matching the sentences to the pictures exercise. The sentences will have indirect exposure to the grammar language. Grammar will not be the main cause for the moment. The teacher will monitor and acknowledge their mistakes/errors. Then grammar will be focused on and tasks will be held out.


Abc Matching sentences
Abc Student's Book worksheet

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of verb patterns in the context of future plans

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of phrasal verbs and verb patterns in the context of future plans


Starter (5-6 minutes) • To help them slide into the topic

I will probably not do a personalized discussion this time with the class, but start off with eliciting a picture at a time that I cut and seperated out of the materials book on to the PPT so that the students could focus on them one by one. - We will discuss who they are. What there job is, and how they are feeling. -I will go through specific vocabulary if they need it -There are 6 people

Reading and matching (7-10 minutes) • Indirect exposure to the grammar with a sentence matching game

The Ss will read the sentences and figure out which sentences go with which person. -In groups. - I will elicit or give the answer key. -then ask students to focus on a specific person at a time and go through 1 or 2 CCQ's

gap fill-in (6-7 minutes) • indirect practice to the grammar, but with a listening and filling in the gap activity

- Give clear instructions maybe ICQ also - The students will listen to the tape and fill in the gaps. - May have to replay - Compare their answers with their partners or groups - Go through the answers together

Matching game (5-7 minutes) • To understand if students get the topic and are able to identify infinitive and verb +-ing

I will hand out some verb patterns which I have cut out and give clear instructions on what theyve got to do. I might have to go through one with them to give an example After they have completed this task. I will hand out the answer key and talk through what theyve understood I may drill or elicit some sentences and emphasize on the grammar and even differences

Practice exercise 1 (6-7 minutes) • answer the questions

In groups the ss will answer the questions - listen to the tape for the answers

writing (producing) exercise (5-8 minutes) • sts will write their own sentences using the format of the verb patterns

In groups ss will write min. 2 sentences for each heading -I will monitor them and assist them if they are having trouble -I will get a couple of them to write down a sentence they have written on the worksheet and go through them together -They will read aloud -drilling any pronunciation mistakes

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