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Upper-intermediate level


In this session, Ss will practice both receptive skills (Reading) and productive skill (Speaking) where they will read a text about lottery and at the end of the class express their opinion on the same subject.


Abc Reading text.
Abc HO for speaking activity
Abc Cut- out answer keys.
Abc HO for detailed reading.
Abc HO for gist reading.
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Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about Ten facts about lotteries in the context of Power and Money

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a find someone who activity in the context of lotteries.


lead-in (1-2 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and to get Ss engaged.

T will present photos of lotteries with a question under it ( What do you think these photos are about?) T will give Ss a minute to discuss in pairs the possible answers. Ss will work in pairs. T will ask Ss what they think. T will give Ss to answer. T will then ask further questions to personalize the context ( Do you have lotteries in Turkey? are they popular? who buys lotteries in Turkey? the rich or the poor?) Ss will answer the questions.

Gist reading. (3-4 minutes) • To give Ss a general idea of the text.

T will provide Ss with the text from which they will read. T will give them a HO with a question for gist reading. T will give Ss 2 minutes to answer the question. T will use ICQs Ss will individually skim the text to choose the best title they think is appropriate. T will stop Ss from reading and ask them to check in pairs first T will then ask for their answers and asks them why they chose that title.

Pre-teach vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • To clarify meaning, pronunciation and form of vocabulary that might hinder the Ss answering the detailed reading questions

T will clarify the meaning, form and pronunciation of some of the vocabulary on Wb through eliciting.

Detailed Reading. (11-12 minutes) • This is so Ss understand specific information in the text and to practice their sub-skill (scanning)

T will provide Ss with questions aiming at scanning and looking for details. T will ask Ss to read individually and answer the vocabulary question. Ss will read individually and answer. T will monitor. T will ask Ss to check together. T will give certain Ss the cut-out answer keys and they stick them on WB T will clarify any words she noted down as being difficult. T will give another HO for another set of questions (True or false). Ss will read the text carefully to answer them. Ss will check in pairs T will monitor and takes notes T will do WCFB on the questions Ss were confused.

Post-reading activity (6-7 minutes) • To practice speaking using the ideas and hopefully words used in the text they read.

T will present the table for an activity (find someone who) she will write her name in the first table, choose if lottery is good or bad and will write why. T will provide Ss with HO with the same table. Ss will stand up and look for names too fill the tables. T will ask them to sit down T will ask different Ss to tell the class who they have on their paper.

If time allows activity (game) (2-3 minutes) • To try and use the language in the text

T and Ss will play lottery game to win Candy. T will tell Ss she will advertise a jackpot of three pieces of chocolate. T will tell Ss to write down three numbers from one to twenty to try to win them she will have the numbers in a container. T will randomly pick three numbers. Who got the numbers can choose if the want the lump slum or if they want it annually. This game is for them to practice what they know about lottery and as a lead-in to the session after me.

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