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Sleepless Nights
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss will learn grammar and vocab for adj. that express feelings


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of adjectives to describe feelings in the context of family situations

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of adjectives to describe feelings in the context of family situations


Lead-In (2-4 minutes) • Set context for adj of feelings

1. Ask Ss "how are you feeling today?" 2. Take notes on responses listening for ending and diversity of words. 3. Ask, "how do you feel when it's your birthday?" 4. "when you have a test?"

Stage One/Vocab Match (5-8 minutes) • Ss will learn adj to decribe feelings

1. Split Ss into pairs 2. Instruct- match words to the correct description 3. Pass HO out, 1 to a pair 4. Ss check answers to answer sheets 5. Monitor- listen for words Ss were unclear about 6. Check pronunciation: worried

Stage Two/Lexical Grouping (5-8 minutes) • Ss will categorize words under positive/negative heading

1. Instruct Ss- next to the word place a (+) next to words that are positive and a (-) next to those that are negative 2. On wb draw a quick table with the headings (+) and (-) 3. Have Ss come up and write word under appropriate heading

Stage Three/Semi-controlled speaking (8-10 minutes) • Ss will practice vocab with a semi-controlled speaking activity

1. Demo- before a test 2. Ask me questions, demo- are you calm before a test? no. 3. Go until Ss ask, "are you worried before at test?" yes. 4. Your turn 5. Pick three words- don't write them down! 6. Write down the time you feel that way 7. You partner will ask questions to guess your feeling 8. Go to three people 9. ICQs- How many statements? 3! Will you write the word? no! how many people? 3! 10. follow-up with error correction

Stage Four/Free Speak- Family (5-8 minutes) • Ss will have freer speak on the topic of family

1. On wb- write "What's the best age to have children?," How does your life change when you have your first baby?" "Do you know people with babies?" 2. Pair Ss into new pairs 3. Discuss 4. Monitor and listen for use of vocab

Stage Five/The Hendersons (1-2 minutes) • Ss will infer the feelings of the couple

1. Divide Ss into four grps 2. Give them a HO of the family 3. Ask- "What do you see?" "How do you think they are feeling?"

Stage Six/Listening (8-10 minutes) • Ss listen to the problems of the Hendersons and pick out feelings

1. Hold up HO and say, "Let's find out how they feel?" 2. Listen to this recording between Vicky and Martin 3. They will say how it feels to be new parents 4. Put a check mark under the person who says the statement 5. Play twice 6. Check answers in pairs

Extension (8-10 minutes) • Ss will listen for new vocab, too, too much, too many, (not) enough

1. Let's find out what is causing Vicky and Martin to feel this way 2. Pass out HO 3. Listen for these statements 4. Next to the statement put a V for Vicky and M for Martin 5. Play audio 6. Play again 7. Check with partner

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