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Grammar Unreal Conditionals
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will learn about unreal conditionals. The context is protests within the news. The lead in to the lesson and establishing context will be introduced by showing a clip of an actual protest. I will then refer to the reading texts, having the students identify the target language and highlight the language. I will use questions and an multiple choice activity to clarify the meaning of the target language. Students will then perform exercises from the book and check their answers in pairs. Drilling of sentences to provide examples of intonation.


Abc News Clips

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of unreal conditionals in the context of Protests

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of unreal conditional sentences in the context of protests


Lead In/Build Context (5-6 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic

Show the video clip of the protest. Ask students questions about the video. "What do you think they were protesting?" "Do you think people were arrested?" "Was it a peaceful or violent protest?" Ask questions about protests in Turkey. What was the most recent protest? What do they tend to protest? Political? Violent?

Reading/Listening Task (5-8 minutes) • To practice listening to identify the target language.

Mention that the video was out of Virginia and they were protesting the removal of civil war statues. Refer back to the Bill Gates photo from previous lesson. Show video. Ask: "What would you do if someone threw a pie in your face?" Elicit answers and write on WB in unreal conditional form. Explain that this is an imaginary situation. Provide CCQ's. Provide another question and elicit responses.

Highlighting Target Language (5-7 minutes) • Highlight the target language by us of an underlining activity

Have to students refer to the reading they did in the previous lesson (provide handout if they don't have) and use the projector to display the texts. Have students read each of the sentences and then have two volunteers come to the WB and underline the unreal conditionals. Ask series of questions about its meaning and form. Present or Past? (present) Why do we use the past form of the verb? (because the situation is not real). Drilling of the concept.

Clarifying Target Language (8-10 minutes) • To clarify meaning of target language, provide controlled practice

Multiple Choice activity that allows them to choose between real and unreal conditionals. The students should be able to explain why it's real or unreal by referring to the likelihood of the event happening. Have them work in pairs to check their answers. Have a volunteer write one of the sentences reflecting an unreal condition onto the WB. Explain how the clauses can switch and make sure to note the comma placement.

Language Practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide controlled written and oral practice of unreal conditions

Students will complete exercises 1 and 2 from the workbook. They will check their answers in pairs. Then I will elicit responses from the students regarding the answers. I will drill the intonation of the sentences (first clause rising, the second falling). Students will mingle to complete exercise 3 from the workbook. Elicit responses from students (who they spoke with, what their answer was).

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