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Things at home
Touchstone 2, Unit 8, Lesson B level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of things at home

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of order of adjectives in the context of places at home


Engagement (5 minutes) • For Ss to know the topic and get in the context

T asks Ss "where do you cook dinner at home?" and elicits Kitchen "where do you take a shower?" bathroom "Where do you sleep?" bedroom "where do you watch TV?" living room.

Study (20 minutes) • for Ss to be better able to use target Vocabulary

Test: PW: T gives Ss stick notes labeled by the target vocabulary and asks Ss to put them in the right category with a partner. For example: Kitchen: microwave cabinets faucet stove oven T asks Ss to open their books and check their answers in pair. FB: T asks some CCQs for harder words: "which one works with electricity oven or microwave?" microwave T shows more pictures of cushion/pillow carpet/rug nightstand/table for Ss to see the difference T asks Ss to repeat the words PW: Ss label other things they in the pictures FB: eliciting the spelling for each new word controlled practice: T asks Ss to explain a word to a partner and the partner says the word FB Semi-controlled practice: PW: T asks Ss to talk about what they have in their home e.g: in our living room there's a sofa...

Activation/Engagement for part 2(listening) (8-10 minutes) • For Ss to activate target vocabulary and get in the context of listening

T asks Ss to make a list of items they need to have but they don't. ICQ: Do you have the items? No Do you need them? Yes GW: T asks Ss to go around the class and tell others what the need and see who is more similar. FB

Study(listening) (20 minutes) • for Ss to practice listening in the context of home and be exposed to target grammar

T asks Ss to open their books, cover the conversations and look at the pictures. T asks: "who do you think they are?" " What are they doing?" [elicits shopping online] "Can you guess what they need?" picture 1: tablet cover, picture 2: speakers listening for gist: T asks Ss to listen to two conversations,and say who needs tablets and speakers.[Jon] FB listening for specific information: T asks Ss to listen again and say who likes which item by writing Jon/Meg next to each item in each conversation writing Qs on the board: "Which tablet does Jon like?" "Which tablet does Meg like?" "Which speaker does Jon like?" "Which speaker does Meg like?" ICQ: Do you write names next to items? Yes Do you write colors and shapes? No T plays the recording Ss check in pairs FB: Do they have the same taste? No listening for more information(exposure to target grammar): T asks Ss to write complete answer to the Qs above with the adjectives before each item. check in pair FB: (review)T writes the answers on the board and asks Ss to repeat them and then say which words are adjectives and which are nouns. For each item T writes one/ones instead of the word. T elicits the meaning of one/ones CCQs: how many tablets does Meg/Jon like? 1 What pronoun do we use? one how many speakers? two what pronoun do we use for more than one? ones T elicits the fact that adjectives come before nouns not after Controlled practice: T asks Ss to do 2.B Ss check in pairs PW: Ss say the conversations

Activation/Engagement for part 3(Grammar) (5 minutes) • For Ss to Activate listening and to know the topic and get in the context

PW: T asks Ss to imagine they're shopping using their own pens,pencil-cases, etc and give their ideas to their partners.

Study(grammar) (20 minutes) • for Ss to be better able to use more than one adjectives before nouns in the correct order

FB(previous stage) T writes some of Ss examples on the board trying to add extra adjectives. e.g. Sarah likes the big yellow cotton bag, but Marry likes the medium blue plastic one. T asks Sarah/Marry their idea about the bags eliciting cute/beautiful/etc and adds it to the examples. T elicits different kinds of adjectives and writes them under each example(opinion, size, shape,etc) CCQ: T writes some adjectives on the board and asks Ss to say their kind. T draws Ss attentions to the order of adjectives and elicits the order CCQ: T asks Ss to put the adjectives on the board in order T plays the recording and asks Ss to repeat T asks Ss to make more examples controlled practice: extra practice page 147 semi-controlled practice: about u page 79 GW: compare your answers in a group of 3 e.g I like the big metal mirror, what about you? FB: find the most liked item in each group

Activation (10-15 minutes) • for Ss to activate target language

T chooses one or two shop keepers and gives them photos of different things at home. And asks the other Ss to be in pairs and imagine they are new husband and wife who want to shop for their new house. ICQs: are you friends? No husband and wife are you shopping for your room? No for the new house (two Ss should switch turns with shopkeepers) FB: during FB they can find the couple with the most similar taste.

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