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Travels, TP-7
Elemantary level


In this lesson learners will focus on receptive skills of reading and as sub skills reading for gist, detailed and specific information. The lesson starts with a lead-in and the teacher shows her own travel photographs. In the pre-reading stage, the students learn new vocabulary with the ECDW method, T uses pictures to elicit, she drills and shows the stress on the board. At first, in exercise 2A the Ss read the introduction for gist and the teacher elicits the answer as a whole class feedback. After that, the Ss work in pairs to find the questions with the words given (ex. 2B). While monitoring, the teacher helps the Ss if needed. In exercise 3A, the Ss read the text for specific information and then they check their answers in pairs. The teacher elicits the answers from the Ss. The while-reading stage ends with reading for detailed information (ex. 3B). The teacher shows correct answers on the board and asks the Ss check their answers. At the end of the lesson, there is a freer speaking activity. The teacher takes notes for delayed FB. Skills lesson will be provided in the context of travels.


Abc Eales, F - Oakes, S, Speakout Elementary Student's Book. Pearson
Abc Handouts
Abc Overhead Projector
Abc Speakout Elementary Active Tech DVD
Abc Whiteboard
Abc Pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading in the context of Ozbus. Also to follow the stages of a receptive lesson closely.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking activities in the context of travels to make sure the students have enough practice of productive skills.


Stage 1 (Lead-in) (4-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage ss

- T shows pictures of her travels and she talks about it. - T asks the ss to talk about their travels. "Where did they go?, What did they see?" - T gives them 2 minutes to talk to their partner. - T elicits the answer from their partners.

Stage 2 (Pre-teach vocab) (8-9 minutes) • To teach vocab before reading the text

- T teaches new vocab with "ECDW" method. - T elicits vocab (exciting, passenger, journey, backpaker, ultimate, jungle ) CQ's Exciting: Was Fenerbahce match exciting last night? Yes/No. Passenger: Are you a passenger on a bus/ in a car? Yes. Journey: Did you go on a journey? Yes/No. Backpacker: Do you like to backpack? Yes. So you are a backpacker. Ultimate: Jungle: Did you ever see a real jungle before? Yes/No.

Stage 3 (Prediction) (1-2 minutes) • To activate schemata and prepare ss for the text

- T projects the text and the pictures of Ozbus. - T tells the ss "to look at the title and the pictures and tell me what you think."

Stage 4 (Reading for gist ) (2-3 minutes) • To get a global understanding of the text

- T gives the task and then the folded HO's. - Ss only read the 1st paragraph of the text. (ex. 2A) ICQ's Are we going to read whole text? No. - T elicits the answer from the whole class.

Stage 5 (Reading for specific information) (11-12 minutes) • For Ss to find specific information within the text

- T gives the task, projects the words and makes one as an example on the board. - Ss open the 2nd part of the folded HO. (ex. 2B) - Ss work in pairs to find the questions. ICQ's Are we going to work alone? No. - T monitors and helps the Ss if needed and she corrects errors if there are any related to the context. - T gives the task 3A and the Ss read the text - They check their answers in pairs and T elicits the answer from WC.

Stage 6 (Reading for detail information) (5-6 minutes) • For Ss to gain a comprehensive understanding of the text

- T gives the task and Ss open the last part of the folded HO. - Ss read the text and answer the T/F questions. - T projects the answers on the board. - Ss check their answers. - T asks the Ss if they have question or not.

Stage 7 (Freer activity) (7-8 minutes) • To give ss a chance to practice speaking skills

- T talks about her dream travel and she asks the ss do the same. - Ss go out and ask their friends about their dream travel. - T takes notes for delayed FB and shows them on the board if necessary.

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