hassen hassen

upper intermediate level


Abc HO/ Audio track / PC /WB

Main Aims

  • Grammar :future forms

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking:free practice of grammar point in focus


lead in (3-5 minutes) • to generate interest in the context of the listening

T: Are you going to do something special this weekend? SS Yes, we are seeing a movie .... T Are you going on your own ? SS :No. T :How are you going to get there? SS : By car. T: will you offer me a lift in your car? SS: yes, we will.

Gist listening (5-8 minutes) • introduce the language in the form of a listening

T gives out handout 1 page 108 . work in pairs. Now listen and check your answers.

while stage (10-15 minutes) • stage 1:highlighting the grammar in focus for learners.

T divides SS into 3 groups. T writes 4 different marker sentences taken from the listening script ,one for each group "I'm going to take my nephew Sam to his first football match on Saturday." "we are having lunch over at mum's on Saturday." "I'll pick you up from your mum's if you like." "well, it starts at five" T :"scan the script and find similar structures. T elicits from SS meaning and use of target structure.

stage 2 :Clarifying target language (5-7 minutes) • clarify meaning, form and pronunciation

T CCQs and asks for more similar target structure examples. possible stress and back chaining drilling

stage 3 :language practice (10 minutes) • To provide some controlled practice

practice 1 page 109. SS work Individually , check in pairs , then leave their sheets on the desk and move around the classroom to check peers' answers

post stage -speaking (10 minutes) • To provide freer oral practice and use the language productively

Divide the SS into groups. to perform practice 2 page 109 FB as a telephone conversation between members of each group.

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