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TP6 teaching reading
Intermadiate level


In this lesson , Ss practice to read an article in the context of bank robbery. They are asked to reply to 3 questions: 1. to read the whole text in order to get general idea 2.to read for some specific information and more comprehension 3. to practice speaking on the base of their understanding of text T adds some more activities ans exercises during the lesson in order to help S to have a better understanding and use of this task.


Abc Straightforward intermediate student s book
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Main Aims

  • S read the text in order to gist, scan the text and to extract detailed information from the text

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice the vocabularies related to Bank Robbery and its penalty


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To generate interest in the Topic

T asks student how was holiday. She tells them that she watched a comedy last night and enjoyed it a lot. It was Fun with Dick and Jane , she wonders if student watched it or not ? She plays a part of the movie ( the scene that Jim Carry tries to rob a store) . She starts asking Qs from the student about robbery and related Vocabulary to make preparation in Ss to learn new Vocab.

Pre-teach VOC (3-5 minutes) • To reduce blocking words and make the text easier to understand

T explains to student that they will be given a matching work sheet They should match the words number (1-6) with the correct definitions (A-F) They have 2 minutes and they should do it in groups of three. CCQs: Are you going to choose the correct definition ? (YES) Are you going to write the correct letter in front of the words? (YES) are there two definition for each word? (NO)

Prediction (2-4 minutes) • To prepare S for the text

T shows the photo of the text to S and ask them to guess the answer for fallowing QS Who are they? What are they going to do? do they look silly?

Skimming (4-6 minutes) • to generate general understanding of the tex

T asks S to read the article and and think of a head line for it They have 3 minutes. She tries to make them clear that they dont need to read it carefully There is no exact answer for this question , try to guess. S have 1 min to tell their topic to their partner in groups of 2. They will be asked to share their topics to class voluntary CCQs: Are you going to read the text in details? (NO) how many min do you have ? (3 min)

Reading for details (12-15 minutes) • To gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the text

They have 10 min They need to read the text carefully by Details individually They should answer to the questions of exercise NO 2 in their groups of two. After clarifying the exercise by chesting and CCQs, T will give them the Qs T asks for volunteer to answer Qs one by one. She asks if they agree with the answer or not? if not? why? whats correct answer? CCQs: are you going to read the text in detail? (YES) Are you going to read it with your friend? (NO) are you going to check you answer with your partner? (YES)

Fallow-UP (8-10 minutes) • To give learners the chance to practice speaking skill based on their understanding of the text

They will be asked to answer Question 3 of the exercise. In the groups of two they have 3 min to tell their partner if they agree or disagree with the Judge s sentence and why? Ss will be asked to report each others idea about the sentence.

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