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listening text: A request from your boss
lower levels( 3rd grade) level


Abc pictures, smart board,

Main Aims

  • To improve the students listening skill and expose learners to the language during listening text.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed purposes and to integrate other skills with the listening text.


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to engage students and set the mood of interesting during the session.

- The teacher enters the class holds an artificial magic wand and asks the students what would you like to change in themselves with the magic wand. The students participate to hold it and share their ideas with the whole class. - The teacher opens the video talks about helping others in the key of happiness and elicit how can we help others.

presentation (pre- listening) (8-10 minutes) • To provide context for the target language through a text or situationto prepare the students for the topic ( activate schemata ) by using their knowledge to predict the content and make it relevant and interesting.

-the teacher starts this stage with " Every day we deal with different people such as family, friends, and teachers". the teacher asks the students if they ask someone before for doing something for them and how? during an open discussion to elicit and identify the meaning of " request". - The teacher opens the picture and the title of the topic to ask the student some questions to expect the text: what can they see from the picture? What are these people doing? Are they in an office or a house? -The teacher clarifies the meaning of 5 to 6 new vocabularies from the preparation task: (hurry- important- a priority- urgent - not urgent) then students work in pairs to write the sentences in the correct group eg; there's no hurry to put the sentence in (urgent or not urgent box). the teacher gives the students feedback on what they have done.

practice (while listening) (8-10 minutes) • To process the information while listening for gist and details. to confirm the students' predictions.

-Before playing the listening text, the teacher displays the gist task related to the text to let the students think about them before listening to the audio (Put the tasks in order of priority). the teacher opens the audio ( top-down listening). after listening to the audio, the students work individually to put the tasks in the correct order and then work in pairs to check their answers. the teacher gives feedback by eliciting the answers and writing the right answer on the board. checks the students understanding with some other questions __________ - the teacher displays some detailed questions to the students to think about them before opening the audio again (Match the beginnings and endings of the phrases). opens the audio (bottom-up listening) and asks the students to work individually to answer the task and then work in pairs to share their answers. the teacher gives feedback by eliciting the answers and writing the right answer on the board. checks the students understanding with some other questions ____________ -the students check the expectations questions they did in the pre-listening stage and correct their expectations. - the teacher displays the transcript of the text to show it to the students ______

production (post-listening) (12-15 minutes) • to integrate other skills (reading- speaking, and writing ) with the listening task. to share the students' opinion about the text.

- the teacher divides the class into groups to discuss the teacher's questions (Do you sometimes help other people with their work? What do you do for them?). the teacher encourages the students to use the new vocabularies they have learned. then each student will write a paragraph from 4 or 5 sentences to answer the question. - a speaking activity, the students work in pairs to perform a dialogue between( a teacher and a student in class ) while the teacher requests help from the students and the students welcome the teacher's request. the students are asked to write notes for helping them to perform the dialogue.

Follow up and assessment (3-5 minutes) • to assess students' understanding and give them follow up activity

- the teacher gives the transcript of the listening text and ask the student to summarise the text

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