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Winter Camp-Solar System


Students learn names of planets, fun facts about them, and make a scale model.


Main Aims

  • Students learn the names of the planets in English, and some science

Subsidiary Aims

  • For older kids, teach words like "kilometers" or "temperature"


Introduction (4-6 minutes) • set context and generate excitement

Ask kids how many planets they know and write these on the board. Play the solar system song.

vocab and facts (8-10 minutes) • Learn the names of planets and fun facts

Elicit (if possible) and drill the name of the planets. Then go through the fun fact slides. Concept these with the older kids, i.e. "Is Venus hot or cold?" With the little ones, use the simplified slides.

controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • Test memory of planet names and facts

Put the planet names, pictures, and facts around the room. Kids must find them and then put them up on the board in the correct groups. Let them put it all up, then, leaving anything they have right, hide what they don't again (they must close their eyes) and give them a second chance. Repeat until everything is correct. If they are unable to get it, correct it on the board after about 10mins. There are simpler facts for the little kids.

free practice (20-30 minutes) • Students create planet posters and arrange them into the solar system

Individually or in groups, students pick a planet and design a poster for it. They draw the planet and write its name as well as (for older kids) one fact about it. When everyone is finished, take these out to the lobby and make a scale model of the solar system, starting the sun/rocky planets inside and heading out the door. Hopefully this will impress them with how big it is!

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