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Shamim Bazoobandi.4 Nov 2016. Family Business
Pre-Interidiate. B1 level


In this lesson students will learn to use prefixes and opposites of adjectives in the context of a reading which is about a family business.


Abc Hand outs
Abc Hand outs

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Prefixes and opposites of adjectives in the context of Family Businesss

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Prefixes and opposites of adjectives in the context of Family Businesss


Lead in (1-2 minutes) • To attract and inform students in the subject or freshen their memories about what they have learned before.

The teacher will quickly ask students what they have learned before in the reading text and what the reading text was about. The teacher will make sure that students remember what the pervious teacher talked about which is personality adjectives.

Highlighting target language (3-5 minutes) • To highligh the target language so that learners are foucused on it.

Teacher will give a hand out that has 4 sentences which are related to the reading text. Sentences are: 1,Blake thinks that Lydia is impatient. 2, Darren is the most dishonest and unreliable member of the family. 3, Darren is also inconsiderable. The teacher will ask ICQs. ICQs are: Are you working alone? No Are the sentences about the reading? Yes Teacher explains to students that they have to underline the adjective in the sentences. In pairs, students check their answers. The teacher monitors and corrects students if needed,and writes down their problems.

Clarifying the target language (10-15 minutes) • To clarify meaning so learners undrestand it. To clarify the pronounciation so learners know how to say the word. To clarify form so that learners know how to construct it.

Teacher will refer to the next activity in the hand out and ask students to completed it Individually and check their answers in pairs. The questions are CCQs for checking the meaning of the pervious sentences. The CCQs are: 1, Are the sentences negative or positive? Negative 2,Does Lydia wait for things to happen? No 3,Does Darren lie all the time or does he say the truth? Lies 4,Would you trust Darren? No 5,Are people's feelings or ideas important for Darren? No Teacher asks ICQs. ICQs are: Are you writing individually? Yes Are the questions related to the previous sentences? Yes The teacher monitors and corrects students or if needed, take notes from students mistakes. The teacher gets feed back by asking 2/3 students. The teacher will check the form by writing the previous 3 sentences on the board. The teacher then asks the students to say the part of speech of each sentence and teacher writes them on the board. For pronunciation the teacher will use back chaining. Students repeat the sentence part by part and the teacher puts the stress on the opposite adjectives. Students then repeat the opposite adjectives for the last time.

Language practice (15-23 minutes) • To provide controlled or freerer practices focused on using the language accuratly.

The teacher will give a handout which is from the student book. The teacher explains the activities which are about prefixes and opposite adjectives. In groups of 4 they complete the activities and check their answers with each other. Before the activity teacher will ask ICQ. The ICQ is: are you working individually? No. After students finished, the teacher gives each group a prefix name. The teacher will draw 4 columns on the board, one for each negative prefix. Each group will select a nominee to come and stand in front of the board. There would be 4 students from 4 different groups and each one represents a prefix. Students have to write the answers in their column. the teacher will ask ICQs. ICQs are: Are you working in groups? Yes Are you going to write on the board? Yes The teacher will check the answers and encourages the wining team. The teacher tells students to listen carefully to a recording of opposite adjectives and to understand the word stress. The teacher will ask ICQs: ICQs are: Are you going to write? No Are you going to repeat? Yes Students repeat after each opposite adjective. Students will learn that the stress is not on the prefix. For freer practice the teacher will state a personal information about her family: " I have a very impatient brother, he is a teenager . But he is very reliable." The teacher will then tells students to talk about their own family : "talk about your family members and their personalities." students will start a conversation in their group. The teacher then asks 1 student to state a sentence about his/her family.

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