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Tp-2 Grammar
Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS learn about present perfect continuous and time expressions such as “since” and “for”. There is one activity that makes sure they know what is going on and one review material where they can practice what they have learned.


Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in present perfect continous & time expressions "since" and "for" through the context of life changes.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: Give them a chance to use what they learn via activities with their peers.


Stage 1 (Lead In) (1-3 minutes) • Intro

Intro to the students, start asking them relevant questions about their past that you can use with the lesson.

Stage 2 (Focusing on TL) (1-3 minutes) • Using an present perfect continuous example from the previous lesson

Ask SS when Zoe from the reading in the previous lesson started working on the farm. Elicit the answer "October of last year". Ask SS which sentence tells them this. Elixit and write on the W/b- "Zoe has been working on the farm since October of last year."

Stage 3 Focus on the meaning of TL (1-10 minutes) • Focusing on the meaning of TL

Ask the SS the following CCQ's when did the action start- (last October- In the past), is the action still continuing?- (yes), What tense is it? (Present Perfect Continuous). Write the name of the tense on the W/B as a title. Draw a timeline- & elicit where the tense should be shown. See teachers book Pg.84

Stage 4 (Controlled Practice) (15-20 minutes) • SS get a chance to practice what has been discussed so far. Focus on related time expressions

Tell SS to read the text and explain what changes happened in Dave's life. Give HO and tell the SS not to worry about the gaps yet. Get SS to read over the HO together. Get SS to work together to put the correct form of the verb into the gaps. Monitor, but don't interfere. Get an early finisher to write the answers on the W/B. Get W/C Fb and see if they all agree. Tell the SS to look at the cards with the time phrases that you've made and decide which we use with "since" and which with "for". Get SS to work in small groups to sort the words and stick them on the walls. Get the groups to check each others. After all of this ask students when we use "since" and when we use "for". Draw a time line on the board for a visual representation. Show SS Ex-3 put them in pairs and tell them to find the mistakes. Do an example on the W/B to start. Check the answer W/C, Ask them why the sentences are wrong and elicit that "understand", "know" and be are stative verbs and can't be used in continuous.

Stage 5 Freer Spoken Practice (5-10 minutes) • Freer spoken practice of the TL

Tell the ss that they will play a game and demo it. Put SS into groups of 3 or 4. Get them to take the time expression phrases from the earlier stage and arrange them face up in a circle on the desk. SS take turns throwing the dice and moving clockwise around the circle of time phrases according to the number they threw. They should make a sentence using the time expressions they land on about something in their own lives. If they land on a card a second time, they should ask someone a question. Take some general FB about what they learnt about each other.

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