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─▒ntermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed listening practice using a text about Real lives in the context of achievements

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of talking about our accomplishment and achievements


lead in (3-5 minutes) • To set the lesson context and engage students

project a picture on the white board Tell the students that you won a compettion Ask if they have won an award or a prize before Let the students talk of their achievements

prediction task (2-4 minutes) • To help the students get an general idea of what exactly the text is about.

Tt will post the pics of the people from the listening How many of the famous people in these photos do you recognise? T will elicit a few ideas about each person Ss match the people with some of the achievements Whole class feed back.

Pre teach vocabulary (3-4 minutes) • To unlock key lexis that will help in the understanding of the text better

T elicits meaning of the words. If the students have a problem with any of the words use CCQs to check meaning. Native Row Channel If you are a native are you born or married in that country? born

Reading for Gist (5-7 minutes) • For students to get an overview of the text.

T gives the instructions, Read the text then answer the following question (set time 3 mins) T projects the Question on the whiteboard. One of the achievements was planned but didnt happen.which one was it and why? T gives the HO with the text for the students to read FB check in pairs then whole class.

listening for details (13-15 minutes) • To practice listening for detailed comprehension of the text

Tell them to listen and fill the gaps with the correct answers T gives the students a closed tezt Ss listen to the audio again Incase they need to listen again replay the audio Ss check in with their peers WC check if the answers are right Project the answer key

Post reading (8-10 minutes) • To allow the students to react to the text and express their opinion on the subject

DIvide the class into two groups of three Tell the students to decide on the most imporant and the least important achievements from the text (with justification) Let the studdents nominate one of them from each group to present their views WC feedback

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