Fahimeh Taghieinamileh Fahimeh Taghieinamileh

bad neighbours
Elementary level


in this lesson ss will learns about some problems they may have with their bad neighbours e.g. they have loud parties, they argue all the time or their children shout a lot.


Main Aims

  • To provide ss with the right vocab they need when they want to complain and describe their bad neighbours

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice speaking for accuracy and fluency


stage 1 (lead in) (4-6 minutes) • to elicit and teach the Vocab

start the class with pretending to be tired as I have loud noisy neighbours i was not able to sleep last night, through presenting the presentation I start eliciting and teaching new words. then I just present the other presentation that does not have the expressions written on it to check how many words and expressions they can remember.

stage 2 (practice & product) (10-15 minutes) • to use the Vocab ss just learned

2-3 min will be given to ss to first read the text then they will listen to some voices and they have to label the sentences based on those voices. after the are done listening the audio for one time they will be given time to check their answers in pairs or groups. then one student will come to WB to writ the right answers on it. in the end all the answers will be checked as a class.

stage 3 (production) (3-7 minutes) • pushing the ss to use the expressions and words they just learnt

ss will be asked to guess the top 3 problems people have with their neighbors in the UK. they can come up with wild guess. I will let them know the answers in the end. the nice part: ss should talk about their countries (what problems people usually have with their neighbours?) any other problems not mentioned in HO? they can do this part as a class and later as a class

stage 4 (10-15 minutes) • get the students to talk even more and use the new Vocab and expressions they learnt in this session

I will ask a student to ask me all the questions, I try to imitate being a student. by imitation i will set them the role on how to answer the questions. then in Pairs (their HO will be coded - they need to find their partner) they will do the questionnaire. in case of having enough time 1 or 2 students will be asked to give class a FB.

stage 5 (10-15 minutes) • to practice even more the new Vocab

ss will be given to read the text first and then complete the text (on their own) they will later on will check their answers in a group. the answer key will be given on the WB. Ss will change their answers in groups and score other groups papers.

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