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TP 5b (wednesday)
Elementary level


In this skills lesson which focuses on the receptive skill reading, students will improve their reading skills by reading for gist and reading for detail. The lesson starts with introducing the topic of fishing by showing a short video and introducing vocabulary and continues by showing a picture of the story "The Businessman and the Fisherman", where ss give a prediction about the topic of the text. This is followed by a gist reading task and then a reading for detail part. The lesson ends with a freer activity, the ss will get the beginning of a dialogue and finish it on their own. Finally, they will do a roleplay of their own dialogues in order to practice the productive skill speaking.


Abc Picture of the story "The Businessman and the Fisherman"
Abc Handout of the story "The Businessman and the Fisherman"
Abc cut-ups of true/false task
Abc Vocabulary Quiz
Abc Dialogue to finish...
Abc HO True/False task

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed reading practice using a short story in Perfect Simple "The Businessman and the Fisherman"
  • To provide gist reading practice using a short story in Past Simple "The Businessman and the Fisherman"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a dialogue in the context of the short story "The Businessman and the Fisherman"


video "FUNNY BIG GAME FISHING" (2-3 minutes) • to introduce the topic of fishing

Before the video, I will ask the ss: What are the men on the boat doing? Hopefully their answer after watching the video will be: "fishing".

Introducing VOCABULARY (5-8 minutes) • To introduce new vocabulary

1. I will pair them. Then I will ask them to pick one of three possible meanings for a word. We will do one example together, then I will hand out the sheet and the ss will start to work. Feedback: The right answers will be written outside of the classroom. The new words will be: fleet, export, catch, siesta, businessman, fisherman, boat, yellowfin tuna fish. 2. Then we wil DRILL the new words. (Alltogether, in groups, the boys, the girls, whisper, loud..etc.)

Picture of "The Businessman and the Fisherman" (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic

I`ll pair the ss. Before I project the picture on the white board, I will ask them: "What is it about? What do they do?" Then I´ll project the picture onto the board and ask them to discuss with their neighbours. During this process, I will monitor them closely to get an idea of the class level and of their personal levels and to correct possible mistakes on the spot. After that, I will ask for their opinions (quick feedback)."What did they do?" Thanks to my close monitoring, I should be able to nominate a pair with the right answer.

HO "The Businessman and the Fisherman" (GIST-Reading) (2-3 minutes) • to check if the ss got a general idea of the text

I will show the ss the HO by chesting it. Then I will ask them: "Where was the businessman? Who did he meet?" and the I will give them 1 minute to read. Once the time is up, I will check for their answers by nominating some of the ss.

2nd part of the HO "The Businessman and the Fisherman" (8-10 minutes) • Reading for detail

I will show the HOs (both) and explain that they should read the text and do the true/false exercise. For this, they work individually. Then I will divide the ss. into 2 big groups and ask them to check their answers in their group. I will give them the cut-ups and hopefully they will pin the correct answer on the board under the category "true" or "false". I will correct their answers with the ss, after they have finished pinning them on the white board (delayed feedback).

HO DIALOGUE TO FINISH... (5-8 minutes) • Freer practice writing

I will pair the ss. Before I give out the HOs, I will show the ss the unfinished dialogue and ask them to finish it. I will elicit one answer from one of the ss. I will ask ICQs to make sure the understood the task, if I think it is necessary. Then I will have to monitor them closely to make sure they do it right. Correction on the spot is neccessary here, as this a preparation for the next freer practise exercise.

Dialogue to finish...2 (5-8 minutes) • Freer Practice Speaking

I will now ask the ss to perform the dialogues with their partners. For thois, they will sit face to face. I will monitor them cloesely. Error correction on the spot is neccessary here. The I will ask the ss if one pair wants to come into the front and perform the dialogue.

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