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TP 8 - Lesson Plan
Elementary A2 level


In this lesson , students are going to play a game (the explore tour) , before we start the game , we will do review of most of the vocab they have learned through the course .


Abc Paper Stripes
Abc Paper Stripes 2 (Lexical sets)
Abc The game sheet

Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of vocab related to clothes , jobs , food and drink , furniture ....

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency in speaking and using the related vocab


Lead in (2 minutes) • Engage the students

*Explain the day's lesson . *Put the headings on the board

Eliciting (10 minutes) • Review the lexis

*Put students into groups . *Assign each group with 2 headings on the board . *Give them the stripes of paper *They find the correct vocab related to their heading *They put the words below the heading . *Monitor .

Drilling (3 minutes) • Pronunciation Practice

*Drill the pronunciation of some of the difficult vocab. *If there is any word they don't know , elicit the meaning. *CCQs

The game (7 minutes) • Use the vocab

*Tell them to stand up *Gather around one table . *Do a demo of the game . *Explain all parts of the game . *CCQs .

The game (15 minutes) • Using the words in a context

*Students go back to their groups *Start the game . *Monitor for any problem

Feedback and Error Correction (5 minutes) • Pronunciation correction

*Write the words which were pronuonced incorrectly during the game , on the WB . *Drill .

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