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Elementary level


In this lesson students learn how to pronounce phone numbers.At the end of the class they will have practiced both receptive and productive skills in the context of phone conversations and phone numbers.


Abc Audio 1.68
Abc Audio 1.69
Abc HO makes/gets
Abc HO True or false
Abc Audio 1.70
Abc HO phone survey
Abc HO listen to phone numbers
Abc HO Underline the correct phone number

Main Aims

  • Listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary on the topic of numbers and phone calls


Lead in (5 minutes) • To activate students' existing knowledge of the topic

Teacher shows a picture of a man waiting by the telephone. What is happening? Pair up with your partner next to you and discuss what could be happening. Write 1 idea down. WC Feedback: Ss explain their idea of what is happening

Prediction task/pre teach vocab (5 minutes) • Encourage students to think about the context

Ss are asked to come to the board and put their idea of what is happening in the correct category: ---he is waiting to call someone--- or --- he is waiting for someone to call him--- Teacher elicits to make a call and to get a call.

Listening for gist (5 minutes) • To encourage ss to listen for general understanding

SS listen to audio and underline the correct word. Peercheck and WC feedback.

Listening for specific information (5 minutes) • To further familiarise the ss with the text

Ss listen to the dialogue again. Listen carefully and decide which sentences are true or false. Peercheck in pairs Feedback: Teacher nominates students to say if the first sentence is true or not. Etc.

Listening for detail (4 minutes) • Introduce the learners to pronounciation of phone numbers

Ss listen to 2 phone numbers and learn about zero and double. WC drill, pronounciation of those numbers.

Listening for detail (10 minutes) • More listening to numbers and pronounciation

Ss listen to new audio, and have to mark the correct phone number they are hearing. SS regroup: last number of their telephone number from 0 to 9, then divide them in 2 rows. We play chinese whispers with phone numbers. last one in the row, furthest from the board will whisper his/her telephone number into the ear of the second last ss. He/she will whisper it in the ear of the one in front of him...etc. First group to get the number on the board... well, then we need to check how far the number is from the original one...

Flex task (2 minutes) • If we have time left over

Ss go back to back and have to dictate their telephone number to each other. Peer check if it is correct. Then swap roles

Post listening speaking task (10 minutes) • Let ss talk about the topic, and personalise their reaction

Teacher divides the group in 4 groups and they ask each other the questions from the survey. Feedback: Who gets the most calls a day? Who uses their phone in their car? Who has the weirdest apps on their phone? Did you learn something new?

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