Brett Brett

Pre-Intermediate level


In this reading lesson students get practice with vocabulary related to feelings and complete a reading about laughter. After working with the text students will be able to discuss with each other what they thought about the ideas presented.


Abc English Unlimited

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson students will be able to have a discussion about the reading and use the core vocabulary found within.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading and Vocabulary


Warmer/Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • Eliciting ideas

How do you feel today? Why? (ask and write on WB) When you're tired what do you do? Yawn. When you are happy what do you do? Smile. What do you do when you think something is funny? Laugh. When you are sad what do you do? Cry. What is water from your eyes called? Tears. When you are scared/tired what do you do a lot? (imitate heavy breathing) Breath. What's another word for happy? Starts with C. Cheerful. What's another word for talk? Starts with S. Speak.

Pre-reading Section (6-7 minutes) • Highlight Lexis

Walk students through exercises 1 (in pairs) (ICQ) and 2. Have them check their answers with (2.43) Check meaning: Deaf, blind, percent, chemicals, frightened, oxygen, hormones, brain.

Pre-reading Section 2 (6-7 minutes) • Activate schemata

Have students look at 3a. In pairs discuss if you think the statements are true or false. Now in three groups (A,B,C) pass out missing text HO #1 Ask them to discuss/predict what the article will be about. Ask each group what their story is called and what they think it might be about.

While reading (9-10 minutes) • Skimming

Pass out cut up paragraphs and ask students to put the article in order. ICQ. Monitor. Once all three groups are finished ask them what they looked for to help them put it in order.

Post-reading/Viewing (3-4 minutes) • Read for gist

Pass out full text of each article to respective groups. Have them check if their order is correct. Who got the right order?

Reading Comprehension (12-15 minutes) • Test overall meaning

Reorder groups (1,2,3) Ask Ss to compare their stories with their new group members. Pass out HO 2 (contains original 3a questions + extra space) Ask them to discuss as a group the answers and write down 1 fact (not on 3a) for each article. When complete check answers as a class (t/f) and ask for their facts. Discuss as a class, what did they think about the articles. What was most interesting? What it boring? Do you have different ideas? Why do you think people laugh/cry/yawn?

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