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Elementary level


Abc 1st Handout (tables)
Abc 2nd Handouts (Characters)
Abc Pictures

Main Aims

  • Vocabulary. For sts to be able to describe people's appearance and character.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking as a controlled and freer practise.


Lead-in (8 minutes) • Warm up the sts to the topic which is describing people's appearance and character.

*Draw my best friend on WB by also talking about her appearance and character. Write the appearance features of her on the left, write the characteristic features of her on the right. *Try to elicit 'appearance' and 'character' from sts, write them on WB on the top. *Sts work in pairs to describe their own best friends to each other by speaking.

Vocabulary (15 minutes) • To check the sts' backround knowledge and help with the adjectives that they don't know.

*Give sts the 1st handouts. Sts look at the words and tick the ones that they know in pairs. *Check the words that they don't know, help with the meaning and pronunciation. Elicit the form. *Elicit 'He's...' and 'He's got...'. Sts write them in the tables. *Sts work in pairs to write the categories in the cells. *Correct the mistakes if there's any.

Controlled Practise (5 minutes) • Speaking as a controlled practise

*Stick some pictures on WB. Everyone chooses one of them, doesn't tell the others and thinks how to describe her/him for 1 minute. They can take notes. Then they stand up and describe the people to each other and guess who the others are describing.

Vocabulary (15 minutes) • To check sts' backround knowledge of the character adjectives and help with the ones that they don't know.

*Give the sts 2nd handouts. They match the words with the sentences. *Check their answers. *Give the answer key. *Explain the ones that they are not sure about and ask CCQs. *Help with the pronunciation.

Freer Practise (4 minutes) • Speaking as freer practice.

*Sts describe their best friend's appearance and character to each other.

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