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Favourites and Choices
Grade 5 level


In this lesson the focus will be on expressing preferences and choices. The main objective will be to learn grammar and the expressions: "Which do you like best?" "I like chicken best."


Main Aims

  • To provide practice of preferences and choices: Which do you like best? I like apples best. in the context of food, sports,animals

Subsidiary Aims

  • to give students practice recognizing words from unit 1


Warmer-Lead-in (3 min.): to set lesson context and engage students • Introducing vocabulary: food, animals, sports and how to express preferences

video and song "Do you like broccoli icecream?"

To provide practice of target language (12 min.)

grammar comparisons: have the students learn the expression: Which do you like best? I have the students choose pictures according to their preferences (food, sports, animals) and complete the sentences: Which do you.......................? I

To provide a model of production (10 min.)

Have the students complete a survey on the schoolmates' preferences and read the results

To use the language (15 min.)

games: students divided in groups choose the correct images of food, sports animals located in different spots in the classroom according to their preferences : Which do you like best? I like oranges

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