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Emotions, If Clause type 0 and 1
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson the students will learn If conditionlas type 0 and 1 through guided discovery. This will be followed by some controlled practice, drilling and at the end of the lesson a free speaking activity using If clauses.


Abc Handout ( Teacher made)
Abc Exercise 7A
Abc Runnig-race game
Abc exercise 5A
Abc Audio 6.2

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice in the context of emotions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a group work and mingling activiy in the context of emotions


STAGE 1 (3-4 minutes) • To activate the students' schema using some pictures on emotions

- Show some pictures to the Ss on smart board and review the previous lesson on emotions. - Elicit some adjectives from the students -Show them some pictures and objects -Ask the relationship between the objects and pictures -Try to get some sentences like " when you are happy, you eat chocolate" or " When you eat chocolate, you become happy."

STAGE 2 (Guided Discovery) (10-12 minutes) • To introduce the zero and first conditionals to the students with the guided discovery method

-Distribute the woksheet to the Ss for guided discovery. -The students work alone for each part. -After the Ss finish each section, Ss discuss the their answers in pairs and the T moves on the other section. -At the end of the activity, check the answers as a whole class asking some CCQs. " Do we use if clause type 0 for specific situations in the future? " "No." "Do we use if clause type 0 for general situations?" "Yes." "Do we use if clause type 1 fpr specific situations in the future?" "Yes."

STAGE 3 (3 minutes) • To have ss apply and what they have learned about the zero and first

- Give the Ss exercise 5A -The Ss mark the sentences alone -Then they check answers in pairs. -Give WC feedback and elicit the answers from the Ss.

STAGE 4 (Recognition) (5 minutes) • To have ss practice the grammar receptively through a listneing recognition task.

-The Ss work alone. -Play the audio 6.2 -The Ss will underline the correct alternative. -If there is problem, play the audio again. -Give feedback on the smart board. -Drill some of the sentences using backchain -Use finger drilling for the contracted form of "will"

STAGE 5 (5 minutes) • To have ss continue practice of the zero and first conditionals

- Give the exercise 7A to the Ss - The Ss complete the exercise alone and then peer check -Give feedback unfolding the paper.

STAGE 6 (Runnig-race) (10-12 minutes) • To have ss practice the first conditional through a group activity.

- Set the class in two groups Group A: Zero Conditional Group B: First Conditional -Give each group cut ups in different colors (If sentence and main clause in different colors) -Give the Ss 5 or 6 mins to finish the task - The Ss discuss the sentences among themselves and stick the sentences on the board. - The groups will come to board and check the other's answers. They will put tick if the sentence is correct or put a cross if it isn't correct. - The gorup which stick the most correct sentence on the board will be the winner.

STAGE 7 (SPEAKING) (10-12 minutes) • To have ss practice the first conditional through a mingling activity.

- Set the Ss in groups again and ask each of them to write at least 2 sentences Group A: If conditional sentences Group B: Main clauses - Give instruction to the Ss to stand up - The students mingle and try to find the best match to complete their sentences. They can find more than one match. - Monior and take notes. - Provide delayed feedbackto the W/C after they finish.

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