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Copy of Teaching Practice 3_Nurel Toprak
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn about different adjectives in the context of "house swapping". The lesson will start with the students and maybe the learner teachers playing musical chairs to get the students moving and active. The lesson will then move onto a series of activities that demonstrate what "house swapping" means and where and how we use it in our everyday lives. The lesson will finish on a positive note with the students completing a true or false worksheet.


Abc True or false worksheet
Abc Describe the pictures worksheet
Abc Pair work worksheet
Abc Underline the words worksheet
Abc Match the adjectives worksheet

Main Aims

  • Students will be able to read and confidently understand what the text is about. This will be achieved through the activities done in this lesson.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will be able to use the adjectives learnt in this lesson to make sentences and confidently recite them in class and in their everyday life.


Warm - up / Lead -in (0-14 minutes) • To set the lesson, and introduce the word "house swap"

The lesson will first start with the students and maybe the learner teachers playing musical chairs. Thıs gets the students motivated ın the morning. The students wıll then pick a color paper and that will put them into groups and we will start to understand who, what, when, where and how we use the word house swap. I will write on the board the word swap and circle ıt and then get the students to say what they think is means and tell me everything they know about it and i will write it. Then i will write the word house next to it and do the same for a bit, and then i wıll ask them questions like " can you swap your sister? or mother?" "no, you can't " " so what can you swap?" and elicite from the students. If the students are having difficulty, i will demonstrate and and then ask " is this swapping" "yes or no?".

Exposure (3-7 minutes) • To give the students some words to think about for the coming tasks

To following the eliciting of "house swap", the students will be given a worksheet with adjectives that they will use in the following stages. The worksheet has column A with adjectives and column B has the opposites and they students must match them. The students will then swap papers with another group and correct it. Then I will go through the answers and the students will check, maybe elicit from them if need be.

Gist listening (1-3 minutes) • The students will just listen to the information they need to complete the worksheet.

The students will be given a worksheet and listen to a recording. They must underline the correct words that they hear. Students will be just be listening to the words that they need to underline. We will then go through the answers together.

Productive - speaking (0-7 minutes) • To get the students using the adjectives to describe where they live.

Students will be put into pairs and they will describe where they live to each other, using the adjectives learnt. I could get the students to write it down and share it to the rest of the class if there is time.

Productive Task (3-10 minutes) • To get the students repeating what they learnt.

Student are next given six pictures and pairs or groups, they must describe them. They can guess where it is if that helps with the description. Students must write down as much as possible and I will check and monitor the students to make sure they are doing it right. If I see some spelling mistakes, I will make a note and show them after class if there is time.

Worksheet (0-4 minutes) • Gist reading

To finish the lesson, if we have time, the students are given a true or false worksheet to complete on their own. The students will read the five paragraphs and then decide where the statement on the worksheet is true or false. Again, if we have time, we will quickly go through the answers as a group.

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