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Relationships lesson,Dynamic and stative meanings
Intermediate level


The lesson starts with two prepared questions written on the WB and they are expected to answer those questions. They will be given two handouts two read. In this lesson, sts discuss about stative and dynamic verbs.


Abc Two gap fill handouts&WB

Main Aims

  • Students will figure out the difference between dynamic and stative meaning of verbs. They will be couraged to talk about relationships.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking:fluency


Warmer/Lead in (7-10 minutes) • Student participation to answer two written questions on WB

Questions written on WB 1-) What is the best way to meet your life partner? 2-) What is the best way to meet new friends? Split the WB into two parts and give enough space to write students answers. After they all answers then make them vote for the best way.

Controlled Practise (7-10 minutes) • Speaking-Fluency

-Ask the students if they have a photo that they are carrying around with them? -Ask everyone of them and if the answer is no then it can also be a favorite photo they like? This is a jigsaw activity! Move them into small groups Make them talk about the photo they have to their partners. Questions between S-S can be What this photo is important to you? Do you have any picture in your wallet that is important to you? What kind of relationship you have with the person in this picture? Monitor each one of the group while they discuss about it. If you think they are finished discussing it,make them stand up and ask the same questions to a person they randomly meet. KEY POINT:Make them walk randomly all around the class until you tell them to stop. They have to talk to the person that is closest to them at that time.

Exposure* (7-10 minutes) • Reading:discussion through a text

It is a pair activity. Chest the handout about relationships. Ask them these questions before handing the paper to the sts. When you look at the paper here in my hand can you have an idea of the subject we are going to talk about right now? Make them guess, They will say relationships. Yes! Correct. Ask them what they understand from the sentence,who do you carry around? Make them do some assumptions. Make sure they understand the correct meaning of the sub-sentence. Tell them not to read the text but make a guess together with your partner. Give them the HOs. Move them into small groups. Tell them to ask ,What do you think the relationship is between the people and the people in the photos they are holding? Make them read now. Check their ideas and answer. Alison-Mother and twin sons. Bruce-Husband and wife Chris-Boyfriend and gf Debra-Woman and the girl who she is sponsoring.

Useful Language (7-10 minutes) • Less direct language

Write on board -How to sound less direct and polite? Bring me your pen. Can i borrow your pen for a second. After you make a demonstration make two volunteers to demonstrate their own. Ask sts if they can you give an example if they have an idea

Grammer (5-10 minutes) • Dynamic and Stative meanings.

Stative verbs describe emotions;Love,hate and they are not in continous:ing form because it continues over a period of time I am loving you or i love you Make a volunteer to complete I love ........ Stative verbs describe senses Hear,see Ask them if seeing is also possible.Explain seeing someone recently is also possible if it has a meaning of a date I hear.... I see dead people Stative verbs describe our desires I want to .... make a volunteer to complete Dynamic Verbs describe things which happen within a limited time. Ing form I am learning english at the moment. Come,bring,buy,get Give one word to each student to make one phase with a dynamic verb. Only volunteers Exceptions;See,have,look,think I have an old car =it is a state. I am having a great time=something happening within a limited time.

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